Friday, June 29, 2007

Maggie Loves the Pool

We went to a Mommy & Me activity today. Kanemoto Pool. Maggie REALLY loves this place. Her regular lunch time came and went and she would only slow down long enough to eat a few snacks.

Good thing we bought her this floaty thing because I just gabbed away with friends Vicki and Julie, making plans for "shopping days".

Here she is taking her snack break.

Veggie Booty Recall

Um, we LOVE this stuff and have eaten 3 bags this week. It's been recalled!!! Now I'm completely freaked out Maggie is going to get sick from it. And I only found out by sheer chance!! I fed her a bag of it today at the pool!

New Keyboard

I just couldn't live without my laptop (the one Maggie has systematically been picking apart--literally) for even one more day. I took it in to a local repair shop and, lucky me, this particular model required an entirely new keyboard.
$123 later I'm back! Ok, not completely because I'm still without digital camera connection and still taking images off of my phone.

See the old keyboard behind her? She now couldn't care less about it.

And here's a couple of pics I just liked.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

First Steps

Maggie has been taking 2-3 steps at a time for a few weeks now but in the last couple of days she's stepped up her game. Here's a video of her walking...and falling because she's too excited.
Sorry for the quality. Still using phone for all video and pictures.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lands End Swim

After many, MANY, days of anguish I decided on a couple of swimsuits for this summer. It came down to what I would feel most comfortable and the least self-conscious wearing. After all, my vacations are no longer going to be walking upright with my tummy sucked in and my shoulders back. Its gonna be hunched over walking Maggie around, crouching to play in the sand, etc.

I could not for the life of me get bigger pics off the Lands End site so just squint.

Both suits had the swim-mini option which after going to the pool with Maggie I was immensely grateful for. I felt completely comfortable and covered--nothing hanging out. At least, I don't think there was anything hanging out...

Couch Video

Here's a quick clip of Maggie just hanging out at home. It looks like she dives off the couch at the end. No worries, she doesn't.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kanemoto Swimming Pool

The Itty Bitty's (another Mommy & Me group) had an activity at a local pool--Kanemoto Activity Pool. Wow! This was a fantastic pool. It's ideal for smaller kids. This was Maggies first time in a pool and she loved it. She was fearless and super happy. Such a good time...

It totally wore her out.

Monday, June 25, 2007


After seeing Oh Happy Day post on the book Freakonomics I finally gave in and bought the book.

This book evokes the same feelings I had while taking econ classes in college--excitement and interest. This stuff fascinates me! After taking my first econ class I almost switched majors from finance to economics I loved it so much. Patrick said I should go back to school and get my masters in economics. I'm almost tempted.

Weekend Review: Lots of Reading

Friday night we ordered food from a local restaurant, Martini's Bistro. I don't know why we keep ordering from there because they are flat out mean when i call them. Don't know why. The food is good but I'm wondering if I ever wanna call back.
We watched this weeks episodes of SYTYCD and started betting each other on who will win. Yes, we're lame. We don't care. I've blogged about it here.

The rest of the weekend was basically spent putting around the yard, playing with Maggie, knitting and doing lots of reading. I picked up a book for me and one for Maggie (or at least one for raising kids).

Friday, June 22, 2007

A Motorcycle, a Sidecar, and a Dog

Coming home from the mall we passed this guy. Awesome.

Also a sweet picture of my daughter.

Camera Phone Pics

Its infuriating to have pictures trapped on your camera with no way to get them posted for people to see!!
Well, I did take a few snapshots with my camera so these will have to do.
Maggie is a pro at long as she has this toy to hold onto. She careens recklessly around the kitchen until stopped by, say, the island, the kitchen table or chairs, the wall, etc.

Its hard to get a diaper change completely finished before she squirms away. I couldn't quite get her bottoms back on before she decided it was time to read.

New hat, at the park.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Camera Broken

Well, the USB cord to my camera is broken so no pictures until I can get it fixed or buy a new one...or start using my phone in the mean time.

It might, just might, be because I let Maggie chew on it. She's already destroyed my laptop. Currently I'm working without both shift keys, my backspace, the caps lock, and another button that I am not really missing.

Tea Set

My good friend, Samantha in Santa Cruz, picked this gorgeous tea set up for me while in San Francisco's china town. I knew asking her to do that would be a great idea. She has fantastic taste and I could not have picked out something as wonderful. A million thanks Samantha!

Anybody wanna have a tea party? I'm itching to use this.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Swim Suits

I went to Old Navy to buy Maggie a new swimsuit--going to the park every day has made me realize we need more than one. They did not have a one-piece suit! They were all tiny bikini's...for babies.
Now, I'm not opposed to bikinis for those who like them but my focus is to make sure Maggie can maximize her play time without her mom yanking at a bikini that won't stay in place. We found a couple of cheap ones at Marshalls--cheap but also barely fitting. She'll grow out of them soon but at $5 each who cares?
How cute are those suits!?

Food, Food, and More Food

Why is it that after I've read the latest Martha Stewart Living I have a pile of new recipes to try? Yes, every now and again there's a great craft or household tip I tear out but's food.

Cherries baked inside tiny almond tea cakes. Could they be any cuter??

White Nectarines, Cherries, & Plums with Honey-Drizzled Soft Cheeses and Toasted Almonds. Summer rocks for fruit.

And finally, Hazelnut Blondies. Well, anything with a dollop of Nutella on it can't be bad.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Brave Girl

Now that we've spent way too much time at the neighborhood park Maggie has built up some courage and it much more willing to play in the water jets. Its very cute to see but sometimes she ends up in the middle and a jet hits her the wrong way (or just right in the face) and I'll have to soak myself to run in after her.
She cries every time we leave the park.
I've also decided that one swimsuit just aint gonna cut it. Old Navy here we come.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Review: Father's Day

Our Father's Day weekend was really nice and relaxing. Slow and relaxing is Patrick's definition of a good weekend. Lots of ESPN. Maggie has gone from being very close and bonded to her father to being GLUED to him. There are little stars in her eyes every time he's around. I'm such an incidental compared to him.

Well, it's a darn good thing that being a father has come so naturally to him. He is the most loving and involved father I've ever known.

Maggie slept next to her DAD in the hospital after she was born--he didn't sleep but watched her breathe instead. He gave Maggie her first bath.

He's probably changed as many diapers as I have. Maybe more.

He gets up every single morning (even Father's Day), wakes up Maggie, feeds her breakfast, and watches The Wiggles with her while I sleep in. They have a morning routine.

Daddy's girl? Um, yeah...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Video

I'm bumbling through YouTube but, hey, at least I'm posting video of Maggie! Progress.
If you listen closely she tries to bark in the second segment.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Maggie Pushes the Stroller

More Park Time

It was such a hot day there was not much else to do. Maggie actually spent very little time in the water. She soaked herself then took off.

She did laps around the stroller until figuring out...

how to push it! She pushed it a good 30 feet then headed back. On her way she was distracted by her foot. Yes, her foot.

New Trees

Our two trees and 3 bushes are in. Ok, so they're very small and need to fill out but after three whole seasons of a barren wasteland for a yard, this is a huge deal.
Here is my adorable Colorado Blue Spruce. I have a bit of a crush on this adorable little tree. I'm thinking of giving him some friends...rose bushes of the shrub variety. He'll fill almost the entire rock bed eventually.

I may have a crush on my evergreen but my heart truly belongs to my teeny tiny weeping cherry. I literally go outside just to stare at it. I have no idea how I'll possibly make it to next spring to see it blossom.

So, the yard still has lots of empty space to fill. I know. But right now I'm enjoying our little hints of a happy yard.

Mama and Daughter

Patrick doesn't take pictures unless specifically asked--and I can tell its just to keep me happy. Sooooo there are a million pictures of my daughter with her daddy-o and hardly any of ME with my daughter. I decided to set up the camera's timer and get some.