Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vicki Sigg Spring Photoshoot

Here are some of the highlights from our spring photoshoot with Vicki. (

There aren't any pictures of Patrick because this was supposed to be a shoot just for the girls. I happen to get into a few shots and liked the mother/daughter aspect.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Caroline Elanore Turns One!!

May 1, 2010. Caroline turns one. Here she is telling ya:

We celebrated with a little Olive Garden:

Doesn't she look like a startled bird here?:

Only the best for Caroline. Tee & Cakes cupcake.

Maggie made a special "cake" for Caroline out of toys. Hmmm:

We are so in love with our little babe Caroline. She has been a true joy.

We are just lucky to have her.

Some random facts about our babe:

She has been an amazing sleeper at night but wakes up very early and rarely takes naps.

She didn't so much as hint at crawling until just a few short weeks before she turned one. Now she crawls laps around our house (literally....round and around she goes with no real destination in mind). She also crawls with her toes curled and feet pulled up--like she doesn't want them touching the ground while moving around.

She's aggressive. She's been knows to claw and scratch her way over and through her sister and parents to reach a toy she simply must have.

Maggie's sippy cup is always more desirable than her own. Even if they contain the same thing and look almost identical.

Her favorite song is Pat-a-Cake. She can do the clapping, the rolling, and the tossing in the oven. She LOVES the tossing in the oven and does it randomly to get a family member to say/sing that part. Her other favorite is the alphabet. When she's extra cranky in the car seat the only solution (I've found) i s to get Maggie to sing a string of songs to her. It's so, SO sweet.

We found out last week the girl loves swimming pools. Its hard to keep ahold of her when she kicks and flails like she did!

Handing people her toys and then wanting them back. We do that over, and over, and over...

Her other favorite toys are any kind of ball, baby dolls, or blocks.

What a love...what a love.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Boulder Children's Day

Despite the cold (and a little snow!) Maggie and her friend Addy had a good time in Boulder at their Children's Day.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Doggie Party

Maggie was invited to her good friend's (Addy) birthday party. It was the cutest little puppy theme! I forgot my camera so the pics are from my terrible cell phone camera.
Maggie was given her puppy ears, a nose and "freckles", and a dog collar with her name on it. Can you tell how thrilled she is with it?

They were served the birthday cake out of tiny little dog dishes. Maggie mostly just licked the frosing off the top.

And a picture with my regular camera upon returning home:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Can I Go Online Dot Com?

It took her longer than most but she is now a computer junkie. She first started asking if she could go to "dot com". Then she started asking for "online dot com". Now we are at the more appropriate "". And, thank goodness, she's finally mastered the mouse!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Having a grand time in our teeny, tiny sandbox.

The first time in for Caroline was....lame. This time she totally got it and loved the sand! When she sees Maggie walk out the back door she actually screams and cries to go out with her. I hate that because she also loves to pick out every pebble and put them in her mouth. I have to watch her like a hawk. Maggie has turned into the bad guy--slapping her hand away from her mouth when she's managed to find another unauthorized object to eat.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ballet Cuteness

Maggie is preparing for her May dance recital. The parents got a sneak peak at what to expect. I'm pretty sure they do this so you can actually see what the dance will look like since most of the kids will freeze at the actual performance.

Up until now Caroline has done a fantastic job of waiting patiently through Maggie's dance class. But every week is proving more and more difficult for her. Here she is waiting....and go home.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cement Work

We got ourselves a new driveway and porch!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Home from a photo shoot with Vicki Sigg (photo post to come soon):

Playdate with friend Addy:

One of the nice days sandwiched between bad ones. Gotta love spring in Colorado!