Monday, July 2, 2012

Misc Pic

Playing around with my phone:
Caroline so badly wants to take dance/gymnastics classes.  She stares into Maggie's class longingly.  It's adorable.  Now that she's (finally) potty trained we can sign her up!
We regularly make homemade pizza.  The girls always help.  This time Caroline decided to help a bit too much and right after her dad told her NOT to touch the hot pan...she touched the pan.  She had three big blisters on three of her tiny little fingers.  It was so sad!  She cried and cried.
I have told myself since moving to Colorado that I'd run the Bolder Boulder.  It took way too long to make that happen.  I finally did it.  Barely.  My dear friend AJ ran as well (with the REAL runners, finishing long before my wave even hit the starting line).  She and her whole family waited...and waited...and waited for me to start, run, and finish that darn race.

My family waited as well.  They basically gave their Memorial Day to me:
Maggie had her dance/gymnastics year-end performance.  She loved it.  And she was beyond darling out there.
I bought some workbooks for the girls in order to keep the mind rolling during the summer months.  So far we've done a decent job of keeping up on them!
 Random pic of Maggie in her dance class: