Sunday, August 5, 2012

Maggie Turns Six!

Maggie turned six.  It seems odd to have a six year old.
In the morning we opened family gifts.  She had been begging for this charm bracelet for a good long while:
She has also become obsessed with perfume.  I can't have her using my expensive stuff so her own perfume seemed like a good idea.  Um, yes, it was:
 She chose to do a party at a paint-your-own pottery place here in town.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves: 
I'm not sure how I forgot to get a pic of the cake.  It was Sponge Bob.  Maggie picked the piece with her name on it: 
 Caroline and Daddy painting her bowl:
 Opening the gifts:
I keep staring at my lanky, big girl and wonder when it all happened.  I blinked and she grew up.  She's SUCH an easy kid!  She is helpful, thoughtful, incredibly imaginative, and beyond patient and kind to her little sister.  My favorite new trait of Maggie is that she is a sleeper!  The girl loves to sleep in, just like her mom.  Caroline's best friend is her sis Maggie.  Maggie loves all things pink and girly.  Fairies are everywhere in our house.  Scooby-Do and Frogger are her favorite video games which she plays mostly with her dad.  She loves her daddy most of all.  Most.Of.All. 

Kinder Graduation

This girl graduated from Kindergarten. 

With her teacher, Mrs Sundt:

Waiting for the whole thing to start:

 They sang a lot, showed a little slideshow.  Very cute.
We sure are proud of our girl (who I still think of as my baby!).