Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Girls--More Randoms Pics (Again!)

Caroline lovey loves balls. Ball was one of her first words. She rolls them under the couch and does the cutest little attempt at getting them out. I mean, just look at that toe in the air!! How can I say no to digging a ball out from under our couch for the 642nd time?

Maggie proving how very brave she is to stand outside in the rain.

Shoe. Another one of Caroline's first words. Oh, how she loves shoes. But shoes on the feet? Not so much. It's hysterical to hear her clacking around the kitchen at full crawling speed with Maggie's dress up shoes.

I totally love my new Droid phone. It has everything imaginable on there. Problem is Caroline has figured that out too. If she sees my phone (in the car, on the counter, sitting next to me on the couch) she points frantically and says, "Dora, Dora, Dora" until I get to YouTube and find some Dora clips. It works out great until I'm in public trying to talk to someone on the phone and she's flat melting down over not seeing Dora.

My worn out hippie chick. That's a flower from our yard that she asked to have tied onto some yarn for a "beautiful crown". Um...ok.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Maggie Starting Preschool

Even though she was still recovering from a nasty stomach bug Maggie was not about to miss her first day of preschool. I kept telling her how she was recovering and still very weak so she had to take it easy, go slow, etc.

Miss Andrea was so kind and sweet with her--welcoming her back after missing her all summer long. I knew she was going to have a great time and that this was a great school!

Patrick picked her up and she happily showed him all the artwork she'd done but made sure to add, "But don't worry, I went slow...cause I'm sick". I wonder how many people she told that to at school.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Eye Thing

So Caroline has had (for a good portion of her life) a little nodule under her eyelid. It was virtually invisible unless you rubbed her eyelid and felt for it. Well, a few weeks ago it got...angry. It started to get bigger and bigger. And more and more red as well.
I took this picture thinking it couldn't possibly get worse.

It did. Get worse.

She looked SO bad! Every time I took her out people stared or couldn't help but ask what had happened. I took her to the pediatrician who referred us to a pediatric opthamologist in Boulder. He took a brief look at Caroline and decided it was most likely a stye. He gave us instructions to use warm compresses and give it a week to drain on it's own.
We are a little over two weeks out from that appointment and I'd say the thing is 80% gone. I'm not convinced it is a stye but will wait a few more days before I start harassing the doctor for more answers. Through it all Caroline has remained totally and completely UNbothered.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Plugging Along...

First pigtails. Love 'em!

"Hat!" She screams until you put it on her. Then she gets really mad if it comes off.

Daddy reads LOTS of books.

My church carnival. Maggie got a tattoo. I kept pointing to my freshly lasered tattoo and explaining what a real tattoo is all about and how awful they are to remove. Not like it sunk in.
Caroline found the "fishing pond" and could not be persuaded away.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Caroline has moved into a booster chair at the table. I cannot express how happy I am to ditch the high chair for good! I'm of course heart broken over my kids growing up but that silly thing was HUGE. Love my babies...hate some of the baby gear they inevitably come with.

Dress I "sewed" for Maggie. It started as a womens XL t-shirt from WalMart so it was more like altered than totally sewn. Love it though!

Caroline is obsessed with shoes. Normally they are worn on her hands as she crawls around the house (doesn't matter who the shoes belong to--even Daddy's shoes have been worn on the hands). This time I put a cute pair on her feet and stood her up. Result? Confusion...

Just chillin' as I stroll them through Lowes:

Ok, kids, just sit here and be good while the mama's chat it up and sew. Please!

Wipes and toilet paper = Caroline's current loves. She cannot get enough of either and likes to make huge piles of it to play in. I stopped her pretty early on with the package of wipes--this time. Do you SEE that devilish look on her face?