Saturday, March 10, 2012

Valentine's Party 2012

A few years ago I threw a cookie decorating party for Valentine's Day. I had a really good time and planned to make it a tradition. Fail. Out of guilt I did one this year. I decided since I have a group of girls at my house every few weeks for our regular playdate I'd just fancy up that day a bit and call it a party. We had decorations, fancy table settings, Valentine's crafts, and cookies to decorate. Voila--party.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Apparently I'm no longer a blogger. Sads. I cannot keep up!
Here's February.

Maggie gets congested quite a bit at night so we bought her some of those nose strips in the kid's size. She wears them most nights. Well, one day she decided she needed it at school. I figured at some point during the day she'd rip it off. Nope. She came running out of the school that day with the nose strip still in place.

We had a snow day. I had no idea what to do with my kids for a whole day stuck in the house. We started with coloring. The markers were scented so this was the result:

Maggie did homework with her friends from school (a stuffed rooster, pig, and mouse).

Caroline played with the lip noisemaker I passed out in the goodie bags from our Valentine's party (for another post!).

We played with balloons and paddles made from paper plates and craft sticks. You can tell this didn't last long. Maggie got so frustrated with Caroline not being able to keep up.

Daddy shoveled us out.