Saturday, April 6, 2013


We've had a dry, unusually warm winter.  That's fine by me because I was able to run outside almost all winter long.  But apparently it's no good for our summer water needs.  We will be hurting as a state!  One of our few snowy days (seriously--there's been like 3):

Friday, April 5, 2013

February Part 2

Baking with Mom:
Pajama day at school for Maggie.  Notice Maggie chose NOT to dress in her pj's.  Her teacher sent this pic to the parents:

Mall time with the little.  She loves a good slice of mall pizza and a big lemonade: 
A selfie of Caroline: 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

February Part 1

I made a brief trip to Utah and left the girls home with their dad.  He bought both of them a little stuffed animal while I was gone.  I was getting Caroline ready the day I returned and asked her where on earth the little pink elephant had come from.  Daddy.  duh.
A rare warm day.  Sidewalk chalk.  A big person: 

I love, love, LOVE that this little girl can pick up a book or magazine and read about the pictures she's looking at.  Love it!!: 
Hair cut: 
Her love of the "big cats" is intense.  She had almost $50 saved up from allowance and she blew it all on this lion: 
Valentines day: 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

January Part 2

 Caroline feeling sick.  We had dinner reservations that night so I was very disappointed to wake up to a fevered babe.  She sure knows how to make you feel sorry for her!
Texting Patrick during the day about Caroline's progress:
Below is what happened just a short while after the text exchange above:

Sweet little Maggie (STILL holding on to that last front baby tooth!): 
Waiting for it to snow: 
Finally the tooth came out!!  It was looking awful so I begged her to let me pull it.   

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

January Part 1

Ok, so January, February, AND March were full of ick.  I took very few pictures which makes me sad.  So here goes the first of two teeny January posts.
Randomly hanging out with my ladies:
Maggie reads to the rest of her family acting exactly like her teacher does--making sure those listening had a good view of the pictures: 
I had to come get Maggie from school one day as she fell and smacked her mouth.  Her remaining front baby tooth was hanging by a thread and I was disappointed to hear that after getting smacked and bleeding....the tooth was tenaciously holding on.  She was traumatized so she came home with me and an ice pack: 
Caroline playing with her dad's reading glasses: