Wednesday, July 31, 2013


We had a big, long trip to Utah in early July and a big trip to Sedona, Arizona a week or so after that so they will have to be their own posts.  Here's the rest of the month.
There is a neighborhood in Longmont that has a big park in the middle of it that turns into Food Truck Monday all summer long.  Live music, picnic blanket and just about any food truck choice you can imagine.  Good stuff.
A trip to Denver for the Aquarium:
The girls enjoyed the entire place but were mesmerized by the mermaids of course:
Another high point were the sharks.  We were told they might be fed soon so we waited...and waited...and waited...then gave up.  
Face painting.  These ladies used air brush paints which freaked the girls out a bit.  See how tightly Caroline's fists are clenched?  The puffs of scary air were not going to stop her from getting a full face of paint!:
And because I'm a sucker, I not only spent money on two full faces of paint but also forked over money to get photos with the mermaids:
Despicable Me 2.  The kids really loved this one!
This picture really doesn't do the amazing double rainbow justice.  It was truly beautiful:
A trip to the Butterfly Pavilion:
I think this was the first time Maggie really noticed just how many butterflies were all around us.  They kept swooping at her from the bushes, walls, trees, etc.  She was smiling but I could tell it was starting to scare her.  She finally turned to me and said in a half nervous, half funny voice, "Mom, butterflies can be scary when they fly at you from out of nowhere!".

Many, many dance performances in the front room:

Monday, July 1, 2013

More Utah in June

A few more from our trip to Utah in June that I just found.
Maggie is opening birthday gifts and my very kind family bought a little something for Caroline so she wouldn't feel left out:
The new water feature at Pioneer Park.  It was so much fun!: 
We attempted a family pic: 
What we're really like: 

Utah in June

We had the BEST visit to Utah!  We took our first ride on a train--into Salt Lake City for some shopping.  Caroline had passed out cold from too much fun but Maggie enjoyed the ride!

The girls slept in the "rabbit room" and had the most amazing time of it!  When we first arrived there were pics of the girls on the front door of the house with a welcome sign.  We followed the trail of balloons up to the rabbit room which was decorated just for them and even held little gifts and such.  Julie really did go all out for these little girls and they soaked up every bit of it.
Maggie is wearing a wig here:

We took a field trip down to Provo to see my dad, his wife Rosa, and his big booth at the Provo Farmers Market.  We celebrated Maggie's birthday there as well.

My dad has rabbits.  He brings them to the market as much to attract foot traffic to his booth as to actually sell them!  They are a huge hit.
Although Grammy was not feeling in tip-top shape she managed to spend some time with us at the park and even goof off a teeny bit:
Cupcakes for the newly minted 7 year old cupcake:

The gang: