Friday, October 31, 2008

Your Tongue Is Blue

Maggie loves to sit on the edge of our couch and teeter. I bribed her off with some of the loot from her Trunk-or-Treat. Smarties.

They turned her tongue blue. I told her she had a blue tongue and she kept repeating it. She didn't really understand until tooth brushing time that night. I had her stick her tongue out in the mirror. She got a huge kick out of that and has been saying "I have a blue tongue" to her dad every night since.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last Day, So Sad

The last day of Terrific Two's was our Halloween party. Maggie was happy to dress up.

We tried to get Maggie, Alex, and Brookie but this was the best we could muster.

And...we tried to get the entire class photo. Such a joke. Maggie was happily participating even if most of the kids were not (the class is actually 2-3 times as big as pictured).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I don't know exactly why it took me this long to announce it (lazy, tired, sick, traveling, and frankly everyone we see or talk to regularly already knows) but...we're having a baby! Here's the 12 week picture of our skeleton baby. Can you see the little hands under the chin??

Our due date is May 13. Maggie will be just under 3 years old when the new one arrives. We're big planners so the moment we know the gender, I'll post it. Hopefully before Christmas.

Yes, this is one of the many reasons my blogging has been so sporadic.

Let's catch up on things I've NOT been sharing here:
I've spent the last 12 weeks feeling simultaneously nauseated and starving (the weirdest part of morning sickness!). All the same foods that got me through the first trimester with Maggie have proven to be the same favorites this time around: mini powdered donuts, Jamba Juice, mandarin oranges, carrots, and milk.

I had no idea someone could feel this exhausted and still actually be alive. I do not remember this level of fatigue with Maggie. But back then I had nothing better to do than eat, sleep, think constantly about the miracle of life and marvel, and read loads of books on pregnancy and babies. This time I have a demanding toddler to care for.

I spend the better part of the day on the couch. My house is falling apart around me and I simply don't care. Seriously. It's dirty. Poor Patrick.

Oh, and the teenage-like acne is just awesome.

We've told Maggie a few things like she's going to be a big sister, there's a baby in mommy's belly, etc. She just stares. When asked if she wants a baby she says no--we've only gotten a positive response to this question a handful of times. The other day I asked where mommy's baby is and she pointed at my belly (progress) but then turned around and pointed at Daddy's belly and said, "Daddy, you have a baby in your belly" (ok, not so much progress). I think actually growing in the belly area will help her grasp it better.

We all caught a terrible cold a couple of weeks ago and I had to get through it without my beloved Nyquil. Trust me, it was painful! I forgot how much I relied on medication for simple colds--to feel the full pain of it really...sucked.

The first trimester is coming to a close and I'm looking forward to the energy and happy feeling of the second trimester. Here's hoping.

On A Lazy Day

With Patrick out for the night and my new, lazy attitude I decided to take Maggie to our local mall for dinner and some play time. We got some Subway sandwiches and ate together, looking across the table at each other. She kept saying, "We're having dinner!". When did she turn into a little girl? Where's my baby?

Then I let her play. She'd get to the top of that little ladder and look back to see if I was watching.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Small Knitting Miracle

After, um, a year and a half I've finally completed the sweater for Maggie. This was a big undertaking for such a novice knitter and after a rather rough year I didn't think it would even fit her when it was done. It does. She's worn it twice and now I'm so worried about it I'm tempted to pack it away for safe keeping (eeek! That's exactly what MY mom would do).

So it's full of mistakes and is far from perfect but I'm happy to have completed it and feel sorta proud. She seems to like it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Review: Farm Fun, Halloween's Begun

I'd been trying to get us to a farm for some pumpkins for over a month! It finally worked out for this weekend. It was COLD! We still managed to have a really good time and Maggie hardly noticed the cold--until the end when we suggested going out for pancakes.

It was so cold that I bought an ugly, bright orange fleece hat just to survive. I looked like a pumpkin so this is the only picture you're gonna see of me--from a distance. Maggie loved riding the "train" and every time we passed Patrick she'd squeal and yell, "I'm having fun, Daddy!". I couldn't stop laughing.

Last year we went to this exact farm but in September. There were tons of pumpkins to pick right off the vine. This year the fields were very picked over and the farm help had made piles of pumpkins to pick from. All were pretty thrashed and way too big for Maggie. We bought two of the best looking ones we could find. Next year we'll come earlier in the season so I don't have to buy an ugly hat and look silly in all the pictures and we get a better choice in pumpkins!

Another activity we did was our church's Trunk-or-Treat. Last year Maggie walked around dazed and confused. This year we practiced saying "Trick or Treat!" (which she said clearly MOST of the time--we were proud) and Maggie was thrilled to go to the "party with kids". After I dressed her up in her ballerina costume I asked her to dance while I took some pictures.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Walk

We finally got out to take a walk in the crisp fall air. Maggie brought back a souvenir.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Playdate With Addy

Last week Micaela and I took the kids to Playgrounds to basically provide the kids a safe (enclosed) place to play while we talked.

Aren't they cute holding hands?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things I Want Recorded

Maggie pulls my purse off the counter. When I ask her where she's going she says, "I go Terrific Twos all by myself".

Her favorite saying is "It's kinda like...". She says it about everything! "It's kinda like an orange" (when it is actually an orange).

She won't stay in the cart at Target anymore (other stores, yes. Target, no). She runs around like crazy and we drive everyone nuts I'm sure. I used to be so irritated by women who let their kids run wild in the store. Oh, what I've become! One recent trip to Target found us close to the bra section. Maggie picked up a huge bra on a hanger, held it up, and SHOUTED, "Mommy, I buy you new boobs!".

Maggie gives Patrick a doll and blankets for night-night, tells him to go to sleep, says good night to him and leaves the room (usually putting her finger to her lips and shushing me on the way out). When she gets to the other room she yells, "Cry for me Daddy!". He does, she rushes in and they start all over. Patrick is beyond patient with her and obliges over and over again.

She tried to put her huge Dora doll to sleep in a tote the other day and when she realized Dora was too big she settled for her sitting up saying, "Dora, sit your bum-bum down".

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Spent Some Money

I bought these shoes for Maggie today.

Love them.

She wanted these:

Bad mother that I am, said no.

Then while I was wandering through the Gap Maggie pulled this parka off the rack and put it on. I had not even noticed it but once I saw it on her...more money was spent.

Weekend Review

Terrific Two's on Friday.

Maggie spent way too much time in her room with the DVD player. I got the big idea as a way to keep her happy and upstairs while I cleaned. Then I couldn't get her to stop.

We're so exciting lately...

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Bus Adventure

My dad usually finds a way to be mostly, if not completely, absent during our trips to Utah. He takes a bussing job or something and is just...gone. Well, not this time. He showed up to every event (and was the only one at Julie's to welcome us after our long drive--huge treat to have Grampy all to ourselves like that for an entire evening!).

On Friday he pulled up to Charlotte's house ready to take everybody for a bus ride. I've posted before about how much Maggie loves buses. This was heaven for her (and for me, really).

There was a lot of laughing and talking. Everyone was just in such a good mood. Grampy would take corners fast and try to hit all the bumps to show us the full bus ride effect.

Ellen was at work but the rest of the sisters were present. Me, Julie, Charlotte. We left Randy back at Chars house to surf the internet since we can't get him plus wheelchair on the bus (not handicapped accessible). I know he would have liked to join us.

We took a nice drive down to Utah Lake. I hadn't been since high school so it was interesting to see it and all the improvements that have been made. It was really pretty!

Grammy actually came and enjoyed it all. Grammy!!

A newly purchased toilet seat was on hand for Grampy to make jokes. Maggie got the strangest look on her face when he did this.

On our way home from the lake. Isn't this a pretty picture of the mountains from a distance?? I like Colorado but it doesn't compare in my mind.

There was a couple of bulls hanging out in a field. Grampy quickly pulled right up next to one on the road and opened the bus door a few feet from it! So funny. Maggie got a big kick out of staring at it with huge eyes.