Friday, July 25, 2008

A Small Milestone

We had our first pee pee in the toilet today.
I put her on the potty and she immediately said, "all done" and hopped off. She then tried to flush the toilet and I told her that until there was something in there to flush down she couldn't. She climbed back up and did it! I freaked out. Clapped. Squealed. Then gave her ice cream.

My guess is she won't do it again for a long while so I'll just be happy with what I got.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

this is the regular life of two kids

My friend Julie and I spent ALL DAY together. This is what two moms do when we have nothing to do...
We hung out and let the kids run wild.

Then Julie left Luke with us so she could go out on a lovely date with her man (I do mean her husband). Luke and Maggie were hysterical with each other. Fun fun.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Lemonade

We spent the day at the mall. Maggie had her first lemonade. I couldn't let this year go by without a childhood favorite. Sooo sweet!

Wahooo mama, that's sour!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Review: Nice and Quiet

Finally, a mellow weekend.
Patrick gives Maggie a pedicure.

Friday night we hit the Longmont Art Walk. It was really fun! Main street was blocked off so we wandered the street, window shopped, checked out all the booths, and of course, ate.

There was some playing at our local park (they finally fixed the water jets).

We ate at Two Dog Diner.
Maggie caught up on some reading. (this is not a hint of any kind, by the way)

She likes to stack up her books and then knock them all over. It drives me nuts.

I made the mistake of letting her help water the plants and now she drowns them regularly.

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Few Cute Pictures

Peering at me from over the couch.

Waking up from nap with a big ole flash in her face.

She quickly found her binki, popped it in and rolled over--not bugged at all.

**Karla, notice how she's got a hold of her blanket? She's obsessed with rubbing the silky part between her fingers--it's what calms her. How did she get this trait from you, huh?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cutting the Cheese

No, not THAT kind of cutting the cheese....
Maggie grabbed the cheese cutter the other day and helped herself. She was so proud when she actually got a tiny piece of cheese off all by herself.

The messy hair is from an afternoon in the backyard playing in the water.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Things I Want Recorded

I was planting some rose bushes with Maggie hanging around (I don't recommend doing most yard work with a curious, attention-demanding toddler at your side). Maggie picked up a rock and started talking into it like a phone: hello, patchic (I don't know what this means but she always says it on the "phones" before saying bye-bye). She looked at me and said, "phone, it's a rock phone". Sure....why not?

I came downstairs one morning, got my breakfast started, and sat back to relax and eat it. Patrick said he had to get back to work and started to head upstairs. Maggie looked up at him and said, "ok Daddy. I'm coming". She got up and started following him upstairs to his office. She was none too pleased when I grabbed her and took her back to the kitchen.

Did I mention Maggie has a stamp collection? She was constantly trying to help her dad with his (not a good idea when Patrick is actually working with very valuable stamps or trying to sort things into specific categories). So Patrick took one of those tiny stamp envelopes and filled it with 50 or so valueless stamps. It sits in his office on a shelf at Maggie's eye level. Many days I'll find Maggie perched on the floor next to her dad's office chair playing with her collection. Patrick has even taught her to use the tweezers to pick up and examine the stamps.

Whenever we strip Maggie down to her diaper (or nothing) for bath time we let her run around a bit and yell NAKED BABY over and over again. The other day she and I were sitting on our bed and her dad came in to take a shower. He stripped down to his underwear and Maggie asked if Daddy going nite-nite. I said no, it's daddy's bath time. She looked at him standing there in his underwear and said, "Daddy Naked Baby?".

She's JUST 25 months old and this full, complete sentence came out of her this morning: Let's do the alphabet train game Daddy. Come on!

Terrible twos have struck. Maggie is much more demanding, opinionated, and stubborn these days. Tasks that used to be a breeze are now a major hurdle in my day. This is definitely the funnest/funniest stage....and the hardest!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Review: Rhythm on the River & Cards

We had another busy and very fun weekend. Friday Maggie got a little bit of time with our neighbor Leah. She really likes it when Leah stops by.

Saturday we went to Rhythm on the River. What a great time! Maggie was able to enjoy more of it than last year (which you can check out HERE). We did so much!

Sat in a firetruck.

Rode around in a race car.

Sat in the back of a police cruiser.

Play Dough.

Learning how to make this darn thing spin (it took her a bit)!

Ate the yummiest mango sorbet ever.

Tried again and again to hula hoop.

Went round and round in a swing.

Made and decorated our own little drum.

Phew! What a crazy day...but not over. That night we had the Crapos and Dowens over for a night of pizza and cards. We wanted to focus on the card game so we kinda let the kids run wild.

Nothing special about Sunday. It was hot. She got wet.

Friday, July 11, 2008

New Cell Phone

My cell phone died. Just up and died. The Verizon guys was extremely helpful (um, not) in helping me get the situation remedied. I ended up with a flip phone that looks a lot like Patrick's. Maggie plays with Patrick's phone all the time so she immediately went to work on mine. She kept flipping it open and saying, "cheese!". I guess Patrick takes a lot of phone pics of her.

I'm sure she's programmed 732nj9f899 and f8ie4njmciuu in case I need to call them.

Maggie Says I Love You...Cause I Make Her

Maggie has said I Love You a few times. She really makes you work for it. I got her to say it on film though.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Jammies

I really, really want Maggie to be wearing these at night. Lovely organic pj's. Gorgeous, good for her and, well, the ideal.

Unfortunately this is what she actually wears to bed. Dora pajamas! She passed them in Target the other day and HAD to have them. All polyester and dripping in fire retardant chemicals. Ugh.

I could have said no and kept walking. After all, I am the mother. But she LOVES them! How could I deny her that? It would just be cruel.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Holiday Video

Here's a few clips of the holiday weekend. You can tell chocolate was the weekend theme.

Weekend Review: July 4th Fun Part 2

On Saturday we ran errands. We stopped between stores to play and met a woman (and her dog) who was just the sweetest thing. All the kids were crowded around chatting her up and petting the dog. By the end of the whole thing she had them doing the hokey pokey!

I gave Maggie her first fudgesicle.

Our neighbors had a big BBQ that evening and I was responsible for bringing a dessert. I went with my standard.

Our Sunday afternoon walk had a highlight of...a big swarming pile of ants. cool.

Pre-dinner watermelon snack.

Post dinner chocolate ice cream.

Now that we are disgustingly full of holiday-bad-for-you foods we're ready to start our week!