Sunday, June 24, 2012

Misc Pics

Caroline finds our very old plastic princess castle interesting.  For one day.
Maggie caught a fly.  She bugged me like crazy to Google "what flies eat" so she could keep him forever.  That was an interesting conversation. 
Cheap sunglasses fall apart but are still pretty darn cute on: 
More laps around the block: 

I hope one day I kick the Whole Foods sugar cookie habbit.  We love them! 
 Julie sent the girls' birthday presents in the same package.  It was Maggie's job to figure out the exact middle day of the two birthdays--the official day to open the box.  We counted on a calendar and made a note on the exact day.  And then waited.  None to patiently I might add.  These dresses are so cute!  We get compliments everywhere we go.
 My lady-girls:
Movie time with Dad.  Caroline is wearing my lip gloss-from cheek to cheek: 
 She's a ham:

We really are making progress on the bike.  We might possibly attempt a removal of the training wheels...possibly. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Caroline Turns 3!

This little girl turned 3 on the first of May.  Boy, was she excited!
Gift opening time: 

Cupcakes instead of cake (at least for the actual birthday): 
I couldn't figure out what to do about a party for her.  She doesn't really have many friends her exact age so I borrowed some of Maggie's.  I used the fact that I was hosting Maggie's kinder playdate to turn it into a faux party for Caroline.  She was so happy! 
She got her much anticipated Dora cake:
We played pin the bracelet on Dora then headed into the yard for bubble time.  Everyone seemed to have a great time:

Caroline is a darling little three year old.  She is full of life.  First to laugh, first to cry.  She loves her big sister with a passion and follows her around (sometimes to intentionally aggravate her!).  Her daddy is her hero.  And I get to enjoy the regular morning "mommy cuddle" as she describes it--she is so tender hearted!  She completes our family and we adore her.