Friday, September 28, 2007

Cabin Fever

This has got to be the last day Maggie is trapped in the house. She's getting restless.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Since I'm Still Sick...

I spent most of the day just trying to get by. Luckily I have a great husband that, although he's sick as well, took Maggie for two hours in the afternoon so I could sleep a bit. It was wonderful.

I do think she's bored of being in the house all day:

She perked up though:

And this is the new "Wiggle Watching" position:

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

House of Sickies

I'm sick with a pretty yucky cold. So is Patrick. We're hoping its the cold Maggie had a while ago and that she gave it to us. Since I'm feeling bad I really can't deal with much so here are some random pics.
Here she is trying to bite her bracelet off:

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've Missed Music

For some reason we don't have a stereo in our house--no music! I guess our cable service offers music channels but we've never used that. The other day I ordered this JBL speaker dock for my iPod. I didn't realize how much I missed music in the house! I had been turning the tv on just for some noise while I cleaned or just hung out. Now that can stop.

Fall is Here!

After our crazy cold, rainy weather yesterday I put Maggie in big fleece pj's and this morning I....turned on our heat! Yikes.

One thing I have yet to get used to around here is the transition from Summer to Fall. Some days are totally hot and others are freezing. It makes for lots of thermostat adjusting. Heat some days, AC on others.
Here's some pics from yesterday (yes, those are my credit cards she's eating--hey, anything to entertain on a rainy day):

Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Review: Farm Fun

Brace yourselves for one seriously ginormous post!
Friday Patrick pulled the big craft table out of the basement to get down to business on his stamp collection. Remember how I mentioned his renewed obsession? He's been buying stamps on Ebay (even though he has a BUNCH of his own yet to be sorted/organized and cataloged). He furiously worked on his stamps while I picked up my long ignored knitting project and we watched the season finale of The Closer from our DVR. I love Kyra Sedgwick.

Patrick also started sorting his matchbook collection to sell on Ebay.

Saturday morning meltdown (or really any time Daddy leaves the room):

I bought some flash cards for Maggie. We spread them all out and then ask her to find something. She takes her time, studies them, then always pulls out the correct one! So cute.

We went to Anderson Farms on Saturday. It's only a 10 minute drive from our place!

We fed the goats:

Checked out the ducks, chickens, geese, etc:

Stared at the donkeys:

Daddy pulled Maggie around in a wagon for a while.

I took her for a ride in the carts (very bumpy and dusty!):

We fed the bulls:

Maggie helped pick out some gourds for fall decorating.

Good thing Sunday was all about sitting around!

I Love J Crew

Lately I've been obsessed with my J Crew Catalog. I just received my order and am THRILLED with my purchases! I bought this great cable knit cardigan in a magenta color

and this super perfect cashmere t shirt in dark chestnut brown. It's so soft...

In fact, I would buy almost everything in there if I had limitless funds.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Babbling Girl Video

Sorry for the poor quality. I'm not very good at it's off of my camera rather than a camcorder of some kind. Some clips were so dark I had to lighten them in the editing process so you can see whats going on. Still, I think it's cute.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Brandi Ginn tagged me the other day....sorry it took so long to get this up!

4 Jobs I've had:
Sugar Shack--first job,candy kiosk in the mall, it had the real life giant taffy pull
Sears Repair Service--high school phone job scheduling appliance repair, learned to cross-stitch while taking calls.
Good Earth Natural Foods--hands down the best job I've ever had. I totally MISS it!!
Seagate Technology--financial analyst

4 Places I've lived:
Born and raised in Provo, Utah
Santa Cruz, California
Campbell, California (I had to include both CA cities because I've not lived too many places)
Longmont, Colorado

4 Favorite TV shows (currently on TV)
Off the top of my head....I watch WAY too much TV
The Closer
Gray's Anatomy
Law & Order (all of them)

4 Places I've been on a Vacation
hmm. Culebra Island off of Puerto Rico
Canada (Vancouver is a fantastic town!)

4 Movies I could watch over and over
Harold and Maude
Whats Up Doc?

Sense and Sensibility

4 Favorite Dishes
If "healthy" were not an issue--alfredo pasta
my moms tofu vege chili
Julies big salads
my husbands crepes

4 Websites I visit (aside from my laundry list of blogs??)
J Crew/Nordstrom/Banana Republic (all the same to me--shopping!)
Mommy n Me and/or Itty Bitty's of Boulder (my play groups)

4 places I'd like to be
I'm with Brandi on own very organized and clean house (oh, the day)--oh, and to STAY there for a significant amount of time (!). Just me, my husband and babe.
With my family in Utah--my visits always feel rushed, stressful, and I never get to do everything I want to.
NYC would be SO fun for me I think--I've never visited before.
AZ shopping with Karla (she's practically my stylist --if I could run every outfit I wear past her I'd be good).

4 People I'm tagging
I'm not gonna tag anyone but feel free to do it if you want to...

New Hairstyle

I decided to try pig tails with Maggie. I thought she looked a little silly....but I left them in all day anyway.

Not really happy about picture time:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Jeans

While Karla was in town I forced her to play stylist and help me pick out a "perfect" pair of jeans (my worst nightmare to search for alone). I wanted a really great pair that would be worth what most nice jeans cost these days--so, so much money.
I bought these at Nordstrom. Page Premium Denim.

I bought ones with flap pockets because they're supposed to be good for those with little to no back side (me). I took them back in yesterday to have the waistband and length tailored. I'm very excited to get them back next week.

She Loves What She Loves

What she loves? Her huge stuffed elephant that sits in her crib. There are more times than not that she simply won't get out of the crib without it. Quite often we wonder why she's taking such a long nap and she's actually sitting there quietly having a conversation with this guy.
On this particular day she insisted on taking the elephant on some errands.

One of our errands was to the mall. We hung out in the kiddy area and...she's starting to understand how to color! She spent quite a while with the paper and crayons.