Saturday, January 30, 2010

Caroline Fighting It

Caroline is a terrible daytime sleeper. I guess she just hates to miss out. When she starts to get drowsy she'll actually shake her head back and forth just to stay awake. A couple of times she's fallen asleep in her highchair. Here she is CLINGING to the tray, not about to give up just yet.

And I just think this is so cute:

Monday, January 25, 2010


Maggie's first day of preschool. I don't know who was more nervous--me or her...or her dad! I sat and filled out paperwork while Maggie and her dad explored the territory. By the time we left, Maggie was too busy to even say good-bye.

We didn't have time to get a new backpack before the first day so she took the little bag that Miss Kellie gave her for Christmas (she filled it with homemade bean bags and put her name on the front--what a sweet gift!).

But...the second I picked her up that first day we headed directly to Target and she picked out this beauty:

She's so proud of it!

Preschool has been SO fun for her but as we're cutting Miss Kellie down to one day a week and then (gulp) none, I'm a little sad to see that chapter end. We've loved Miss Kellie and so has Maggie. This will be a little bittersweet.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birthday Parties

Two of Maggie's friends from daycare had birthdays recently.

Sophie's was a drop off party--Maggie's first. Luckily the mom took some pics for me. It was a tea party and the girls got very dressed up upon arrival. Maggie looked like this when I picked her up. She was so happy:

I loved this picture because no only does it show Maggie stuffing her face with cupcake but it has Ellen and Peter (from daycare) and I really want to remember these two. Maggie so loves them!

Ellen's party was next. She had a "tumbling" party at Airborne Gymnastics. Maggie was by far the most timid. It took a lot to coax her into doing some things but eventually she settled mostly on the trampolines where she could maintain the most control.

And this one I thought was hysterical because of how Maggie has her legs crossed.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things I Want Recorded

Maggie said to me on my birthday: "Mommy, can I have your birthday?" Goes to the top of the stairs and says, "Mommy, when I come down the stairs say Happy Birthday Maggie!"

Maggie: Can we make chocolate?
Me: Do you know how to make it?
Maggie: Yes, you start with frosting, mix in some marshmallow and stir really fast (makes stirring motion with her fist) then you get chocolate.

Me: Mags, are you excited for Santa to come?
Maggie: Yes. I want him to have a tea party with me. Mommy, can you ask him if he can have a tea party with me?

Maggie watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Oh, Grinchy! Mommy, the Grinchy is not being nice....but he's going to get nice real soon (she's never seen this before so I don't know how she knows he WILL get nice).

Aunt Melissa sent us some hand-me-downs. Everything was a big hit--especially the Ariel dress and shoes. Maggie: Daddy, can you call Aunt Melissa and say Thank you for buying Maggie the Ariel dress??

We've been reading a new book from Santa a lot lately (since it's about going to school and Maggie started preschool this month). One of the pages talks about Lucy loving assembly because of the hymns. Each time I read that I stop to explain that hymns are songs. The most recent reading had me asking her what hymns mean rather than telling her. The response to "now what are hymns again????". Boys.

Me to Maggie: You're so cute I'm gonna cry.
Maggie: Ahh, Daddy will take care of you.

Me to Maggie: Did you say a prayer before lunch today? (at preschool).
Maggie: Yes.
Me: Do you start with "Heavenly Father" like we do at home?
Maggie: No. We do a God one.

Maggie switched dance studios. The new one is much more ballet oriented and much more serious--strict dress code among other things. One requirement is that if your hair is long enough it needs to be in a classical ballarina bun. My first attempt left both Maggie and I in hysterics. But it held. When we arrived I noticed a flyer in the waiting room on how to do said bun. A flyer! Good to know I'm not the only mommy who has NO clue how to put their kid's hair in a "proper" bun.

Caroline is a very good sleeper. At night. All day she fights it like crazy! When she's laying down and tired she shakes her head violently from side to side to fight off the sleep that threatens to overtake her.

Caroline is also very loud! She's not mad but just likes to kind of yell. Loudly. Usually while we're in a store. The only thing that stops her is to sing "You are my sunshine". No other song will do. We tried putting food in her mouth but apparently she can yell right through Cheerios.

Maggies first week in primary at church should have been a big deal. For me it was. For her...not so much. I walked her to the front row and she confidently sat down next to her nursery friend Annie who was bawling her eyes out. Maggie was unruffled. I told her to be nice to Annie and make her feel better. She looked at Annie skeptically and then said, "I'm not gonna cry".
Second week of primary we were the first to arrive. Maggie walked up to the front row, sat down, CROSSED HER LEGS, and looked around the room. I asked if she wanted me to stay until her teacher arrived. She said no. Just like that. I sat in the back anyway until she did.

Blowing spit bubbles with her mouth is Caroline's favorite thing to do. She does it a lot. If you want ot see her doing it for yourself check out the video I posted on YouTube:

I told Maggie that I loved her the mostest in the whole wide world. To top me she said, "But Daddy loves me most in the whole kingdom".

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Arizona, Christmas 2009

After our Christmas morning at home we hopped on a plane for Arizona and warm(er) weather. Maggie and Caroline had such a good time with the family. The cousins ran around like crazy the whole time and really seemed to enjoy each other. Ciara and Eamon were also quite interested in Caroline and even watched me bathe her one evening.

Here's Caroline hangin' out with her Daddy-o, Uncle Sean, and Uncle Don. I love her expression here:

Nerf gun madness. This burned a lot of energy!
Maggie also enjoyed putting on make-up. Aunt Melissa was very patient and helped her apply it all (something I've never really done).

We went to the Organ Stop pizza place. This place was...wild. The whole building was covered in pipes--the walls, the ceiling, etc. It was crazy loud. I wish the picture could show all the pipes. Maggie was in awe. Caroline was not so sure about the whole thing. Hopefully I'll post the small video clip I took since the whole experience cannot be captured in a silent photo.

While in Arizona I was able to spend what felt like 60 short seconds down in Gilbert visiting Karla. Maggie and Natalie had a good time playing. Natalie had a Thomas the Train that you could actually ride around on. Maggie loved it but was a little nervous when Natalie jumped casually onto the back for a ride around.

Caroline took a turn in the swing while the girls jumped on the trampoline. Man, Karla has a fun backyard!
Before I could even blink we were packing up the kids and heading out. Too short.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas morning. At our own, peaceful home. Stunned daughter. This was the closest I got to a smile when she saw the Disney princess castle that she'd been asking for:

It took a good while to come out of that weird, overwhelmed stage..

Caroline got a bunch of small bath toys (all squirting-types which Santa will soon sorely regret):

The biggest hit came from cousin Ally, who sent Maggie this princess tent and sleeping bag:

Stocking full of teething toys:

The only toy that brought a reaction...once. She's been totally disinterested since:

Please ignore the the kindling ( in the background. This is the second year in a row that our lovely fresh cut tree has kicked the bucket well before the big day. We did everything right and we still killed them. We're springing for a fakey.

After a lazy morning (and the kids finally soaking in the pile of gifts) we took a big look at the aftermath....and walked out to catch our flight to Phoenix.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

In Between (Holi)days

It's as if they don't know the holiday is coming and they should be stressing out like their mom. For some reason this past holiday season seemed...rough. I was more like a deer in the headlights than anything else.

Maggie just had tea parties:

Caroline ate anything within her reach, and thanks to her sister, that was MOUNDS of Cheerios:

Maggie helped her daddy address and stamp the Christmas cards. In case you didn't know, Patrick is a stamp collector. He uses old and/or "useless" stamps as actual postage. That sometimes means using my ModPodge in order to affix them to the envelope. If you ever get a letter from Patrick be sure to check out the stamps that got it to you--interesting stuff. (That's a little jewel stuck to my sweet girl's cheek.)

Just so, so happy to be here!! (just LOOK at those scrunched up toes!!!):

All the blurry days of the holiday season!

Vicki Sigg Photos

Now that our Christmas picture has been sent out I can finally post more pictures of our photo shoot with Vicki ( We got SO many great shots from this one session!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Eve

We had a very mellow Christmas Eve at our place (not something I'm used to--as a child this night was the big family party and Christmas day was almost anti-climactic). Patrick fixed himself the biggest steak known to man and we all had our fill of holiday goodies.

After her bath Maggie was allowed to put some cookies and milk out on the coffee table. She insisted on the bowl. I wanted a lovely plate to display our treats for the big man but, no, it had to be this ugly mixing bowl.

She was so excited she stayed up and played in her room until well past 10pm. We just kept staring at her through the video monitor willing her to pass out so we could get started!

I do really like that we've agreed to spend our Christmases at home so our kids grow up with memories of waking up in the comfort of their own cozy home. Plus it's nice to know we won't have to explain how Santa will find them if we're traveling! I have to admit that falling into my own lovely bed that night was pretty close to heaven.