Monday, December 27, 2010

Sugar Plum Tea

Maggie's dance studio puts on the Nutcracker ballet each holiday season. They have a Sugar Plum Tea to fund raise for it. Oh.My.Cute...
It was a full high tea followed by a mini Nut (abbreviated version of the Nutcracker) and then a little photo shoot with a sugar plum fairy. I'm pretty sure I was more excited for this than Maggie was. I could hardly contain myself!
The local tea house, Thompson House Inn, put on the tea and provided a big table full of hats, jewelry, etc for the kids to dress up in. Like the hat she picked?

She gabbed away while stirring umpteen sugar cubes and cream into her orange blossom tea. She kept asking me if I wanted more sugar and cream in my tea and by the end I'm pretty sure I was drinking pure sugared cream...but it made her so happy.

She was enchanted by the ballet. The small children got to sit right up front, a few short feet from the performers and it was magical for her. Her eyes were huge!
Our picture with a sugar plum fairy.
We will definitely make this a holiday tradition.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This year we stayed home for Thanksgiving. It's so nice to not travel during the holidays! As nice as it is to stay home I still miss family a great deal and I miss the formal dinner that goes along with it. We had a quiet (but very tasty) meal at home and basically hung out in our jammies.
I let the girls dress themselves and we went to a local park to collect "items" for our table centerpiece. Hilarious....hilarious.

This was the first year we very seriously considered going out on Black Friday to take advantage of the sales but in the end we opted to just stay home and set up/decorate our tree. I believe we absolutely made the right choice.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Very Late Dance Pictures

These were the professional pics from Maggie's dance MAY! I had forgotten we even had them done. Well, they're cute all the same so I scanned a couple of my favs. How sweet is my girl?!?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Little Tea Party

Maggie asked me (hounded me for weeks!) to have a little tea party. I finally said ok.
She was ready HOURS before it was to begin.

In full swing:

Maggie and school friend Erin working on a small craft.

Reagan was the most focused and careful colorer.

Somehow they ended up watching a few minutes of a silly Barbie movie before running up to Maggie's room to play with the dolls and such. They all got along famously!

Now she's obsessed with having a "pajama party" (sleep over). I have not a clue where the idea came from. I've tried to explain that we have a family rule of no sleep overs. Ever. It's gonna be a rough one...

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I love my blog. I love having such a fantastic record of our life. I'm going to try harder to blog more regularly. So there you go Mom.

Maggie and her make up. Always the girliest girl.

It looked like Maggie was not all that upset at Caroline's artwork on her sleeve...

Then she melted down...

We haven't had too much snow this season (yet). Maggie immediately begged to go out in the snow when she woke up to a small dusting. Doesn't she look like the happiest little kid making a snow angel?

I've been knitting a little bit these days. Seems like knitting has taken a back seat to sewing lately. But this little shrug on Caroline makes me so happy!

Maggie and Caroline eating some powdered donuts:

Caroline watching the Wiggles on the computer. I wish this was a video because she was singing along to the songs. She is definitely a singer.