Wednesday, September 30, 2009

That's MY Highchair!

Yes, at one point it was yours're too big.

She disagrees.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Disney Is NOT My Friend

Maggie earned her Cinderella dress for mastering the last of her potty training. She loves this dress with all her heart. I want to SUE the Disney company for selling such a nightmare. We are covered (covered!) in glitter. It's all over our house, all over us. I've cleaned, wiped, vacuumed, washed, etc to no avail. Gah!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

She Just Does That

I know it looks like I constantly tell Maggie to pose next to Caroline for pictures. I do not. She just can't stay away (even when she's too rough and I tell her (yell at her) to stay away).

Caroline is a great sport and even while getting squished she has a huge grin on her face.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boondocks and Near Death

We spent an afternoon at a local family fun center. Lots of fun.

Maggie just dropped the balls directly into the holes:

On our way home we had THIS happen:

We hit a Canadian Goose (or it hit us). It was so totally shocking. Deafening crash with a spray of glass all over me. Kinda hurt. Shattered the window. Maggie burst into tears and it took a lot to calm her down. I was still shaking when we got home and I showered off the glass. It was actually a really good thing that it hit the passenger side because if it had hit the driver's side we most likely would have wrecked. Crazy. Sadly, the goose did not make it.

Maggie was much relieved to see the glass guy the next morning to fix our "broked window".

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some Caroline Pie

Vaccine day. I always feel like dirt as a parent on this day. How dare I let such a thing happen to them? Look at that sad face!

She got over it.

She so completely loves her sister--even when her sister can be a little overwhelming.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Steamboat Springs

We spent an entire week in Steamboat Springs. Our first family vacation with just us--what a treat. We really loved Steamboat and plan to visit again soon. Very family friendly. Good food (seriously tasty take out--did you think we'd attempt a nice restaurant with little ones???). Great accommodations.

Every morning I took the kids for a walk along the Yampa River Trail. It was really beautiful. We saw tons of fly fishing--Maggie thought that was pretty cool. (Caroline is in her car seat in the stroller.)

We spent a ton of time just hanging around in the condo.

Miniature golf. Maggie was a little bit reckless and fell (a lot).


Fish Creek Falls. There was actually tons of hiking but only one short trail suitable for kids/strollers. It really made me miss hiking.

There were three pools on the condo property. Maggie spent all of two minutes in them. But she did really enjoy the hot springs--just like bath water.

Playground at the condo. Caroline and I watched Maggie run wild. Then Maggie came to play with Caroline's "cute toes-ies"

Bowling. Patrick bowls a lot. He's been on leagues since moving to Colorado. One thing we like to do is hit random bowling alleys as we travel. We've seen some crazy ones! Fortunately Caroline slept through it all.

Exploring the Yampa River Boardwalk. Maggie was being naughty and tried to run away. She needed her daddy's assistance is coming back (her form of passive resistance).

Our friends, the Siggs, were also in town for the latter part of our trip. The boys spent an afternoon golfing while the girls and kids hung out. Vicki took this pic of Caroline.

Lucky for us, we got an up-close view of a hot air balloon landing right as we took off for home. We sat on our balcony and watched (as did every one else in the complex).

My Kids Are So Cute

I just love them!

Yes, I do comb her hair on occasion:

I will not take my eyes off the tv:

She did not pose for this shot. She was actually playing with her toys all dressed up and I just called her name:

I'm so lucky they are mine.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Things I Want Recorded

This image is a few months old but since it's Maggie's first drawing of our family I thought we should show it:

Caroline is a great nighttime sleeper and a terrible day time sleeper. This girl (only 3.5 months!) only sleeps about 45 minutes total over the entire day. It's totally crazy but at least I get a full night of sleep in.

Caroline is also the "hold me or else" type. She whines and crys until you pick or up or at least pay her some serious attention--then she's just great. This puts a serious dent in time I have free for housework.

I think the best way to describe my baby is kicky. The girl is ALWAYS kicking at full speed. About 3 minutes of that and I'd be exhuasted. It's amazing how long she can go just kicking away!

Grammy gave us some old wooden toys. Some of the pieces were broken and I said to Patrick, "Why did my mom give us a bunch of crap?". Maggie was thrilled with the toys and while digging through them said, "Mommy, help me build this crap." (We fixed the few broken pieces. We love the toys now Grammy--thanks).

Maggie said, "Mommy, I love you. Now you know. "

Me: "Maggie if you go upstairs you have to be very quiet--Caroline is asleep". Maggie: "But mommy, my mouth is loud."

Carolines 4 month check up stats (9/8/09): Height 24"--35%, Weight 12lb 6oz--25%. Everyone keeps asking how old she is and then seems surprised that she's only 4 months, saying she's really big. How is being 35th percentile in height and 25th in weight make her big for her age?? She's UNDER the average...

"Daddy, can you make funny animal noises? "

Maggie says of Caroline: I think she says, "Oh, Maggie, what a big girl you are!"

Playing with Raggety Andy doll: "Mommy, where is the girl that loves this boy?"

Upon loading all of us into the car: "Where are we going on our family adventure?"

"Caroline is so soft..."

Maggie absently rubbing Carolines foot while watching tv and saying "goochy goo".

Daddy has Maggie on his shoulders and let go of one of her ankles: "Don't Daddy, that's dangerous. "

"Caroline is such a little coconut".

"Mommy, suction cups stick. They help us climb up mountains and castles."

"I can't breath out of my nose" (I look back to see). She has both fingers up her nose.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Utah Trip

Patrick went to Ohio to attend a high school reunion. I chose to spend that time in Utah with my family--Caroline needed to meet most of them. My sister, Ellen, was kind enough to fly out to Colorado and do the drive to SLC with me. She was very patient. Caroline did not like her car seat and screamed herself to sleep over and over as we cruised through Wyoming. We arrived to a yummy spaghetti dinner and loads of running around on the front lawn.

Charlotte and Robs backyard. Sunday dinner. Maggie loves all the fun toys the girls have. Olivia was such a great babysitter!

Max and Olivia trying to get Maggie to jump.

I have no idea what these guys were doing. I was in the back yard chatting:

Rosa (my step mother), me, and sleeping Maggie at Aunt Janet's house. We enjoyed good laughs and gourmet dessert.

Grampy made Caroline giggle for the first time. It was SO cute!!

Patrick took the camera to Ohio with him so I have to thank Julie for taking the pictures and then kindly sharing them with me.

My sweet husband flew from Ohio into Utah and drove a very tired family back home. It's always nice to come home.