Friday, August 19, 2011

The Last of the Birthday Posts

Maggie had a "friends" birthday party. Gymnastics themed at Airborne Gym. She of course had a lovely time!

Maggie in the foam pit with Erin:

Luckily my friend Suzanne came armed with her camera. She took some fantastic shots!

Maggie with Lily:

Most of the group all lined up (Maggie, Lily, Erin, Addy):

Caroline in the foam pit:

The cupcake tower:


Immediately upon returning home she ripped right into the Legos her friend Owen gave her. She and her dad put the thing together and were so pleased with themselves:

Fathers Day 2011

Back in June...

I finally got a Father's Day present he really liked! I'm not the best gift giver (in my defense he is a guy who either has everything he wants or buys what he wants himself!)

but I hit the nail on the head with the Whirly Pop stove top popper. We have had popcorn virtually every night since. He loves it. Honestly we ALL love it!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Maggie playing with a very (very) large roly-poly bug. She made me take a picture and text that picture to her friend's mom.

Caroline and Maggie at the park:

Caroline has a thing about finding markers (the one second she's alone) and sucking them dry. And it's never a light color like pink or yellow. It's always black, brown, etc. I'm banking on the Crayola promise that these markers really ARE non-toxic!

We cut Caroline's hair for the first time. So sad for me! Here's a before shot:


And after (she's saying bye-bye to her hair):