Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hit The Road Jack!

Do You Ever Have One of Those Days?

We had a play date with our friends Julie and Kiersten (the twins) and came away with one marginal shot that didn't even have them in it! Do you ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go your way? Tons of little, trivial things go wrong and by day's end you wanna pull your hair out? This was one of those days. Maggie didn't seem to mind though...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weekend Review: Memorial Day

Friday Maggie had daycare. I sent her off in some new sandals--sandals that completely freaked her out and made her walk funny. She did not like having anything between her toes.

We had the missionaries over and Patrick was very good to them--he left shortly thereafter to reward himself with an afternoon of golfing.

Saturday was actually very mellow and relaxing. We spent the morning running errands which included the farmers market. I spent the afternoon preparing a craft that was displayed at church on Sunday. I'm not sure why I'm asked to do this type of stuff seeing as how I am not the crafty girl! We did have a slight miracle at our place--Patrick mowed the lawn. It almost looks like a new house! Maggie and I played with clay and colored while he worked in the yard. Patrick made a tasty meal of the pasta, sauce, mushrooms and tomatoes we picked up at the farmers market.

Sunday we attended our neighbors annual Memorial Day barbecue. It was a lot of fun.
Maggie made a little friend:

She played with the coolest space ship balloon:

Monday, May 26, 2008

Frankenstein Walk

Don't worry. It took her no time at all to get used to the shoes.

Psycho Crazy Day

Thursday started out like any other. Maggie found old toys and decided they were great.

Then we decided to quickly stop by my friend Julie's house to check on her. She's been sick with the flu for a million years. It's great to have friends like her. I ended up staying for tea and sandwiches while the kidlets played.

The funniest thing about this jumpy toy is that Luke is way too small to get out of it himself sooooooo.....he'd just throw himself out. I could not stop laughing. Such a boy. Maggie would just whine to get in our out.

After I had been there a long while (I brought one diaper, no food or water for Maggie, and we were fast approaching nap time) a big freaky hail storm started. We watched it fall from her front porch before realizing a tornado was coming. Our town's sirens went off, the news cut into all tv shows and we were told to head to our basements. I did not exactly grow up in tornado country so I was totally shaken. Thank goodness for Julie the calm one! She took good care of us until things calmed down and I was able to head home. The tornado hit a bit north of us. What a CRAZY day!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Another Series I Love

I seriously could not pick just one shot. We pulled into the garage from running errands and Maggie spotted the bucket I use to fill with weeds (and she fills with rocks) when I'm working in the yard. She said, "Mommy's bucket" and insisted on playing with it.

Things I Want Recorded

Maggie and Patrick were playing in the backyard when Patrick spotted a lady bug in the grass. He pointed it out to Maggie and she crouched down and said, "lady bug, lady bug, HI lady bug!".

Me: Are you my sweet pea?
Maggie: Yes

We pretty much have a very limited number of places to eat in Longmont so we end up at TGI Fridays a lot. The other day I was shopping in a completely different city and I went into a store to wander. She was getting bored of wandering through racks of clothes and started yelling, "Friday's! Fridays!" The sales women were cracking up and one finally asked me if she loves to eat at Fridays. And now she recognizes the building. We drive past it daily and she always points it out and yells Fridays!

Her sentences are longer lately. Three and four word sentences.

I cant' believe how observant a toddler is! We drove past a fast food Chinese place that happened to be painted red and white--just like Dairy Queen. She pointed to it and said, "ice cream!". It took me a minute to realize how she made the connection.

Says Tebby Dare instead of Teddy Bear. So sweet.

Today she took a cup and said, "more water" as she independently walked up to the fridge, put the cup in the door water dispenser, filled it up, then walked off to set the filled cup on a coaster she'd set on her little chair--all without a drop spilled! I was shocked she was tall enough and even knew how to use the door water dispenser!

While eating breakfast, Maggie looked into her bowl of oatmeal to see how much was left. She looked up and said, "almost" then took the last few bites.

Another Walk

Another day, another walk around town. I left just after 9am and didn't get home until 10:30 and it was HOT! I'll have to make sure to do our walks earlier in the day so as not to inadvertently cook my child. The blanket is because for a whole 2 minutes of the walk, as we started out, it was a little chilly.

Great Song

Just finished watching Grey's Anatomy and fell in love with this song! Too bad it's not out until June 9th.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Backyard So Hot

Since we have zero landscaping out back we can only stand short spurts of time out there. I poop out after about 10 minutes. Maggie of course wants to stay out there all day. How do kids do that??

The other day I went out to get some sun and let Maggie burn off some energy. We don't even have a sprinkler for the hose so I just turned it on and let her play with it.

While running around she slipped and had her first skinned knee. We yelled for dad to get us a band-aid and we quickly took care of it. It actually bled a lot!

Last Bits of Grammy's Visit

The teary eyed girl as we drove away from the airport, leaving Grammy behind. She STILL points to the drivers seat in my car when we get in and says, "Grammy's car seat". Today she walked into the guest room, pointed at the bed and said, "Grammy's bed".

Here's a video of Maggie playing with the cats during out Petsamart visit. She loved the cats but was obsessed with the birds. She asks a couple of times for them.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cell Phone Pics

While at Urgent Care the other day. Could she get any closer to that fish tank? She pulled the chair over there, starting a trend. Pretty soon all the kids wanted their chair right up there too.

These are shots of the cupcakes I made for Enrichment Night. Lemon Drop, Raspberry Vanilla, and Chocolate. I'm most proud of the chocolate ones with the hearts I made.

This is the gadget I bought at Williams Sonoma for the frosting.

The Two Sicklies

How cute are these? Grammy had taken several pictures of Maggie and told her to say cheese at each one. We were all just sitting around later that day and Maggie leaned her little head on Patrick's shoulder and said, "Grammy! Cheese!" She wanted her picture taken with her dad. I got my camera and took this series of pictures all the while my heart was melting!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grammy's Visit

My mom arrived amid Maggie's cold from hell. This one was a doozy! The coughing was so bad it was causing her to vomit! It's been ugly. I spent Monday morning in the Urgent Care before rushing to the airport. Grammy brought some gifts--a little Sundance shirt and the most adorable purse she had made just for her.

She warmed right up to Grammy and rested her little head on her shoulder.

I could not feel worse about how much time we ended up spending on the couch watching tv to keep Maggie happy--or at least keep her mind off being miserable.

Tuesday I spent the entire day cooking up a million and one cupcakes for an enrichment activity. At the end of an incredibly exhausting day we took the cupcakes in and walked away--I didn't even get to stay for the crafting! Oh, and by this time Patrick is sick as well. Poor guy.

Wednesday was my mom's birthday! I felt the worst on this day for not being able to show her a better time! Maggie was sick, sick and restless so we took her for a walk around the block. Surprisingly we had a lovely little time!

The weather took a short break from being crappy so we took the opportunity to sit in the back yard and talk a bit.

That night the sickly husband took the sickly babe (what a guy!) while mom and I went out for dinner and a movie. Dinner at Fridays--I gave my mom a choice of any place she wanted and she picked it!

The movie was at our local mall. We got there early so we had time to shop first. In a spookily empty mall. My mom kept saying she must be in the Twilight Zone. The mall was so empty we had the entire movie theater to ourselves (at least until the very last minute when 3 other people joined us).

Thursday was a nice slow morning at home. Around lunch time we made a 7 layer bean dip and just ate our way into the afternoon. Maggie was at least feeling somewhat better. We got a little bored so we decided to visit our local Borders bookstore. Petsmart was right next door so we wandered in. We had a great time and we are so lucky that Maggie isn't a proud owner of a sweet little animal of one kind or another. She was just so cute with everything I wanted to buy it all for her. That night we just ate take-out Chinese.

Friday was the only really decent day weather-wise. Patrick had taken the day off for a big stamp show in Denver so although he was pretty sick he still went--and had a REALLY nice time! He picked up some great stamps. Happy boy. We went to Boulder for lunch (Cheesecake Factory) and to walk along Pearl Street Mall. The tulips were still in full bloom and we really enjoyed the warmth, the colorful characters along the street, and the tiny friends Maggie made at the play area.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good Time with the Aunties

I've been meaning to post this for a while. Maggie playing with Auntie Julie. Aunties Charlotte and Ellen's voices in the background.

Trying to Get a Sick Girl to Sing

Maggie has been HORRIBLY sick. During one of her better moments I took this video. I'll be posting on Grammy's visit soon. So far it's been a fantastic visit--even if we've had to basically hang out at home with a floppy, pathetic sickling.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend Review: Mother's Day

Friday started out great. Maggie woke up in a very good mood and wanted to eat with her sunglasses on.

We went to the park with the mommy group.

That night we had dinner and played cards with the Dowens. The kids were great while we played.

Sometime that night Maggie developed a fever that is still going strong. She has been quite miserable and in turn has made things pretty rough for us (NO sleep). She does however have moments where she starts to feel better, hops up, plays, then crashes when she overdoes it. You'd never know from the pictures that she's even sick!

I think these are all the hats she owns.

Prepping the guest room for Grammy's stay. She arrives tomorrow (Monday).

Now I've gotta go and get my 30 minutes of sleep tonight before my daughter wakes up screaming.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bad, Bad Blogger. Back To It!

I took a picture of her playing but she had such a serious face

So I told her to say cheese.
Playin' with the papa.
I've been making some yummy treats (as practice for a church event) lately. These cupcakes were the idea of my sister Julie. Check out her gorgeous pictures of them here.

Patrick actually took out the camera to document this--all on his own!

I'm not a fan of lemon but Patrick ate something close to ALL of the samples!!