Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Time Part 2

The little outdoor play area at Whole Foods makes it very tempting to eat lunch there...a lot.  And we do...a lot.  I love this shot because it shows Caroline in her true form--singing.  All.The.Time.

 She was crying big fat tears for no reason right before this picture was taken:

 I took the girls to buy new summer jammies.  I was a little sad to see the change Maggie was going through.  She wanted nothing to do with any character but gravitated instead toward what I considered to be "teenager" styles.  So sad.  One of her choices, a sleep shirt with jewels, funky patterns, and a cat with glasses on it, came with a sleep mask which was promptly put on for the drive home. I did note the older gentleman in the car next to us watching us load up was laughing as we drove away.
 Another trip around the block.  We are doing our best to get on our bikes as much as possible.  Caroline enjoys it quite a bit:
 This was Maggie's first time around the block with zero help.  I was SO proud!  Normally she gets terribly nervous and goes so slow her tiny, skinny legs aren't strong enough to make it up the (very) slight inclines.  We've done this little block ride a couple of times since this picture was taken and she said to me "I LOVE riding my bike now".  Music to my ears.
 With Patrick in California for business I let the girls watch a DVD in my bed before heading off to sleep.  They love it!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Time Part 1

As the weather starts to warm and our first school years comes to a close we have spent plenty of time just hanging out and relaxing as a family.

Patrick took Maggie on her first fishing adventure.  According to him she spent more time throwing rocks, exploring, and asking incessant questions than actually fishing.  But they did catch some fish and, overall, it was a big success... 

 ...until it came to eating those things.  She would have nothing to do with even tasting them.  Caroline and I also politely declined.  Patrick was happy to have them to himself.
 Caroline in her dad's shoes:

 Maggie is in some sort of pajama phase.  She wears them all the time--several pairs a day:

 Just a fun shot of Caroline who is usually VERY close to me at all times.

 Maggie and Caroline like to help cook.  I usually shoo them out while Patrick lets them "help":

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Easter 2012

Decorating eggs:

The end result (from left: Maggie's, Caroline's, Mine, Patrick's):

 Easter baskets in the early morning:
 The hunt for eggs went at warp speed so the pics are blurry at best:

 After church we played with bubbles in the backyard:

Every year I try to create an Easter meal.  Every year it basically goes uneaten.  Patrick sticks with ham and potatoes. The kids eat the rolls if I'm lucky.  That is a TON of work for very little reward so this year I skipped it.  Patrick made his homemade pizza.  Everyone ate it and loved it--including me (way less prep work and clean-up!).