Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Christmas Advent Calendar

I grew up with an advent calendar counting down the days 'til Christmas. If I am correct, my mother made it. I have looked high and low to find a good substitute. My sister Charlotte got the real deal (I'm shaking with jealousy).

I've been tempted to make a copy of that beloved childhood calendar but I'm afraid I won't be able to pull it off. You see, I'm not that crafty or talented.

I'll most likely buy this one from Restoration Hardware.
P.S. I know, I know! It's too early to be talking Christmas. Blame the dang retailers for planting the seed. Everywhere I go...there's Christmas.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A New Pattern Developing

Our neighbors, sisters Leah and Lexi, make regular appearances on our doorstep to play with Maggie. Sometimes its planned but most of the time it's just a random ring of the doorbell. We're developing a routine.

It usually involves a snack. Here's Lexi and Maggie eating a snickerdoodle that Patrick made last night.

Once she realized I was taking pictures she disappeared.After the obligatory snacks they settle in for book readin', coloring, and lots of tickling (which Maggie only appreciates about half the time). I tried to get them all to look up but they were too engrossed in the coloring portion of the day.

Lexi usually tires of Maggie pretty quick and I think Maggie senses it and chooses that particular time to bug her like crazy. This usually drives them away and Maggie is left to find fun where she can. This time she decides to dump out the tote holding her diapers, wipes, salves, etc.

She decided to taste the chapstick and sample diaper cream.

Lots of Running Around

We didn't have anything exciting going on but Maggie still had tons of energy to burn. After too many errands in the car she decided to do a mini marathon in the kitchen.

She runs past dad.

Stops to make a point.

Then moves to balls. After playing with the balls she decides its time to attack the overly aggressive photographer.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Party

Our neighbors have a costume party every year and this year we were able to attend. We had a very good time. Here we are as Howard Stern and a nun.

Here's the host and hostess (Smurfette and Evel Knievel). And the Easy Bake Oven guy who won the best costume award. The oven does open and there was actually a tray of cookies in there!
Our other neighbors, Jenny and Robert:

Good times.

Weekend Review: Halloween Celebrations

What a busy weekend! Saturday morning we woke up early to get down to the Denver Zoo for their annual Boo at the Zoo. Although it was pretty cold, we managed to have ourselves a pretty darn good time. Maggie loved seeing all the animals.

Afterwards we hit the closest joint for food--and warmth. Dad helped Maggie with her drink.

Maggie played with her stuffed elephant and barn while waiting to be dressed up again for our wards Trunk-or-Treat. She was a big hit although she really had NO idea what was going on.

That night we put Maggie to sleep, got ourselves a babysitter, and headed to our neighbors Halloween party. I'll do a separate post just for that.

After such a busy day we spent Sunday just hanging around.

Friday, October 26, 2007

New Purse

While in Nebraska we picked up a new little purse for Maggie. Every girl needs an orange beaded purse. We put small things in the purse, snap it closed, open it again....and on and on.

And, just in case you wanna see, this is Maggie's newest game. Running on the couch with a hat over the eyes!! Lovely.

Sitting in a Chair

When I was a little girl my grandmother gave me a little wooden chair for Christmas. Now my daughter has developed a serious crush on it and plays with it whenever possible. She loves it so much that when she stands up to walk somewhere the chair simply must go with her.

Mom and Dad Halloween Costumes

Patrick and I have been invited to a neighborhood adults-only Halloween party on Saturday night. True to my nature, I put off buying a costume.

Patrick is going as Howard Stern (he's super tall and all he really needs is a wig and sunglasses to pull it off).

I went on the hunt for a costume of my own. Since I'm much too lazy and uninspired I just wanted to buy it and have it over with.

My question is this: Why, oh WHY, do all womens costumes have to be slutty??? Slutty nurse, slutty geisha, slutty convict, several slutty witches, etc. What if you don't wanna look like a ho?

So what did I settle on? A nun. You heard me.

Now, if I could just get someone to call me back about babysitting.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bulimic Bunny Reprise

I ran out of Maggie's regular peas and only had the pea and carrot mix. Maggie is happy to eat baby puree carrots but, obviously, does not like them in any other form--especially when it appears mom has "hidden" them in her peas.
She eyes one:
Looks a little skeptical, "this can't possibly be...a pea!"
Takes a taste:
And out it comes.
Does this remind us of another little toddler who wouldn't eat carrots??
Ruby would chew up carrots and spit them out when she was Maggie's age. Her aunt Ellen nicknamed her the Bulimic Bunny.
(pics of Ellen and Ruby from Mom's Purse).