Monday, November 21, 2011

A New Normal

Since starting school I feel like we've made giant leap into another world. A scheduled one! I've become used to the freedom of taking my kids and going where I want to when I want to. A short half day of kindergarten every weekday has been a hard adjustment for all of us.

We still do some of the same, familiar things like Discovery Days. They are making rock buddies in this pic:

I have a few pictures of the Julie/Meredith visit. Here they are on Pearl Street in Boulder:

We made Chan Luu bracelets the whole time the girls were here (Julie came prepared with a tutorial that had us visiting bead stores multiple times). Maggie was asked to model one. She chose to do so with Merediths sunglasses on:

A sort of new thing to go along with our new school year. Dancenastics. I couldn't give up on Maggie dancing but she really wanted to do gymnastics too. Luckily we found a place that offers both in one class--Dancenastics. We say it with "flair" every time we do say it.

We now deal with homework assignments. This particular one required a family photo. This was the chosen one:

Our annual Stake Carnival at Thompson Park:
Park day:

We've also developed a bit of a routine with Wednesday Lunch with friends. The moms hand over their phone for the sake of chat time and this is what comes of it. I also have loads of video they take. Pretty funny.

Although I sometimes still resent our new busy schedule I'm really loving the new adventure we've been on.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Erin's Birthday Party

Shortly after we started kindergarten Maggie's best buddy from preschool had a birthday party at our local kiddie pool. Erin and Maggie were so close I was kind of sad to see them split for grade school.

Since my girls aren't much for swimming they spent a lot of the party doing this:

When the party was almost over Maggie decided to brave "the deep end" (which from the picture you can tell was oh so deep!). I documented the momentous occasion.