Monday, November 22, 2010

Cell Phone Pics

It's always fun to flip through all the random things I've shot from my phone.
Maggie insisted on a picture of this rainbow:

Crafting project:

Caroline loves the magna-doodle. She demands (and I do mean demands!) that you make "smiley" for her.

Apparently I did take a few photos right after my surgery...wonder why I don't remember...
Ellen reading to Caroline:

Maggie admiring her huge crayon collection that Julie bought for her:

Caroline with my sunglasses on:

At Lowes with my mom:

In the backyard. Love the look Caroline is giving Maggie.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Patrick loves his evening popcorn. He used to have the big bowl all to himself until he made the mistake of eating it before the kids went to bed. Now they both want some. Caroline eats her weight in popcorn. Recently Patrick did wait until the girls were in their rooms to pop it. Shortly after it came out of the microwave Maggie calls from the top of the stairs, "Daddy! I smell popcorn!". Busted.

Maggie filled our little sandbox with water and before I really knew what was going on she and Caroline were splashing happily around. It was quite the mess and the kids were not please to be stripped and hosed off before being allowed back in the house.

The girls discovered a "game" they now play regularly. I'm please because when I suggest it I know I have a good 20 minutes of peace. I keep a basket of diapers in bathroom off the kitchen. Maggie passes them one by one under the glass door to Caroline who squeals with joy at receiving them. Once all diapers are through, Caroline passes them back under. Seriously--at least 20 minutes!

Maggie held one or both feet in the air (for long periods of time) at random when she was this age too. Caroline kept her one foot up the entire time she gnawed on that apple.
Yes, I did notice that my younger girl is just in her diaper in most of these pics. She just loves being out of constricting clothes. She pulls at them and says, "on" because she doesn't know how to say "off" for whatever reason. She's pretty insistent and unless it's very cold in the house we usually give in.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall/Halloween Part 2

I made some sugar cookies. Maggie and Daddy decorated them:

Trunk-or-Treat. Preparing at home--we did curlers and make up together. It was so sweet!! This was definitely my favorite part.
Maybe it's because we're in the church parking lot that Maggie decided she would pose like that.
Maggie and her little friend Reagan:
This is a little blurry but it's the best close-up photo of our little witch. Both Maggie and Caroline's bolero jackets were sewn by me but the pattern was made by my friend Vicki Sigg.

Maggie's ballet/tap class the week of Halloween (or...most of them).

Preschool costume parade:

Preschool friend Meserette:

Preschool friend (BFF's according to them) Erin:

Preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall/Halloween Part 1

Our annual trip to Anderson Farms:
Caroline loved the "cock-a-doo's". She spent a lot of time yelling at them.
The tractor-pulled barrels. Maggie's expression in this picture kills me! She is very seriously focused on steering that silly barrel.
We picked a lot of great pumpkins and as we were happily headed back to the tractor with our loot we hear Maggie start crying. Both Patrick and I look at each other wondering what could possibly be wrong. As Patrick got closer he realized Maggie was standing IN a huge pumpkin. She had tried to stand on it not realising it was rotting. She sunk in a good 4 inches--I really wish I'd snapped a picture of the deep foot prints she left behind when her daddy came to pull her out. After a few minutes of us laughing at her she was able to see the humor in the situation and that helped to dry the tears.
What a great day.