Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Does it look like Maggie is wearing make up here? She is. It was the only way I could get anything done! So I helped her put on a FULL FACE of it. Eyeliner and everything. I have to admit we bonded and it was Weird, but fun.

I included this picture to show the intense kicking that is going on at all times. Look at the blur that are her legs.

We had a nice day. I decided the best way to enjoy it would be to hit the road with the kids. Maggie was wearing her "Dorothy" red shoes and her Cinderella dress. She spent the entire walk leaning out of the stroller as far as she could singing to the top of her lungs, "A whole new woooooorld". It was hard to stay straight faced.

Another nice day. Caroline enjoys hanging on the back patio, watching her sister play.

We're Working On It

Crawling is coming along. Slowly, but surely. Please no comments on how developmentally behind she is or how this will mean she'll forever be "slow". I will seriously hurt you. She's fine!!
She likes to push herself up then back. This leads to getting stuck under the couch or the side table a lot. Maggie tries to help. Sort of.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


We have a humidifier hooked up to our central air. We've lived here five years and never turned it on. We just like living with the dry climate...static is our friend???

"Mommy, take my picture." No one will ever know how many of this exact shot I have. We do this pose every stinking time the camera comes out.

Sweet little munchkin. She is such a joy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Family Visit

A few weeks ago (amidst our nasty cold/flu episode) some of my family came to visit. I was so terribly upset that we were sick. Very sick. My mom, and sisters Julie and Ellen were great sports and did their best to deal with my zombie-like behavior and snot ball kids.

Julie taught Maggie how to hunt for an egg that is hidden "in plain sight" which was very funny. She loved it and had us playing it for quite a few days after the family flew home.
I love this picture of my mom and Caroline looking at each other. So sweet!:
I forced everyone to decorate Easter eggs. Cause I'm mean like that. Ellen working on hers:
Here I am attempting to read a book to Maggie while trying to care for Caroline. Caroline is in the midst of her stranger anxiety phase and basically needed me 24/7 while they were here. It was hard considering my family wanted to hold her and play with her and I totally needed a break!

Patrick was in California on business for most of the visit and upon returning I literally dumped the kids in his lap, finally took a long shower and headed out for some much needed girl time with my mom and sisters. Even with the illness lingering, the day at the mall was soooo great. Julie took this picture of me in Crate & Barrel with a chair I loved--one that I can never own because my giant of a husband would crush it.
Waking up to get the guests off to the airport. I think you can tell how ragged and worn out we all were!:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tattoo Removal

Most people know I have a tattoo. Or I did. Now its a mass of "lightened ink". I'm having laser tattoo removal. Sessions required= about ten. This is 1 hour after my third session. This one REALLY hurt. And I soaked through the bandage they put around my ankle. It was gross.
Warning: the pictures get progressively....grosser.

Cool, eh?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Princess Tea Party

Maggie attended a little princess tea party the other day. Oh boy, did she have a good time.

Things I Want Recorded

We decided to stick with Miss Kellie's daycare for one day a week through the summer. Maggie's face when I told her we were quitting sad. As I loaded her into the car today for daycare she said, "My friends are going to be so happy to see me!".

Feb 5th--the FIRST time Caroline got herself from the sitting position onto her tummy and halfway into crawling position. She's shown absolutely no interest or desire to crawl before. Not one wit. 9 months and I can still safely place her on the couch--and she stays.

I bought Maggie a package of conversation hearts for Valentines day. She pulled one out and asked her daddy what it said. "Too Hot!" he said. Thinking that meant it was too hot to eat, she pulled out another one and said "this one says just right".

We bought Caroline one of those Johnny Jump-Up things (you know, the things that hang from your door frame and your baby can jump around and swing in it?). Caroline pretty much hates it. I took her out and Maggie proceeded to try and climb in. I told her no, that she was too heavy for it and it was just for babies. She peeks inside the holder and pretends to read something and then says, "It says it's for little babies AND big kids!".

Mother Goose has been real popular at our place lately. The last time I started to read the What Are Little Girls Made Of? (sugar and spice and everything nice), I stopped and asked Maggie if she remembered what little girls were made of. Her answer: Frosting.

Then we read the rhyme that goes: There was an old woman who lived under a hill, and if she's not gone she lives there still. After hearing it, Maggie looked up at me and said, "Mommy, that makes NO sense".

Maggie did her first scripture reading in church today (Feb 28th). I whispered in her ear and she repeated--loud and clear. I was really proud of her! I expected her to just stare or maybe mumble a word or two. She impressed me. Patrick came to watch her too and said how proud he was.

A reminder to mommy to watch what she says around the kids: Maggie announcing after her evening bath, "Daddy, I'm so freakin' tired!"

March 7th. Caroline's first words: no-no. When I tried to put her in the crib and she was, apparently NOT tired. She grabbed me and clearly said, "no! no!" Then later that day I gave her a baby doll and said BABY a couple of times while patting the doll. She gave me an odd look and then said, "baby". It sounded more like "bebe". Maybe she's french. I called Patrick in and she did it for him too.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Valentines Cookie Decorating Party

What was intended to be a very small gathering (3-4 kids max) ended up being a much bigger and more stressful event. I wouldn't change a thing though--it was a lot of fun! Caroline was a clingy mess the day of the party but she LOVED the decorations I set up days in advance.

Maggie helped prepare the million cookies I baked. I'm always worried I don't have enough of something and end up with loads of leftovers.

She also made some paper flowers for her little vase as decorations. This is a pic of her next to the flowers and vase holding the Valentine she made and mailed to herself from preschool. Since we live in Colorado, very close to the city of Loveland, the postmark on the envelope says it came from Loveland and has a stamp of cupid (how cute is that?).

I thought this was funny. Can you see actual cookie under the huge mass of sprinkles on Maggie's cookie? You can't quite tell from the picture but it had some serious height on it!
Here's a picture of the cookies Maggie kindly decorated for her mommy and daddy.
The mess was intense but I really enjoyed doing the party. I have two little birthdays coming up in the next few months and this party made me realize I have to start asap on planning--they take a TON of work!
Funny side note: Maggie hadn't worn the shoes she had on at the party for a while. I got them out yesterday and the bottoms has tiny bits of sprinkle caked into sole. It made me smile.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Family picture:

Caroline first real sign she MIGHT be interested in crawling. 9 months old at the time this photo was taken and virtually no interest in crawling--at all!

Maggie dresses up her baby sister when she can. Usually Caroline starts to complain pretty quickly--she gets a little too "loved".

Salt dough "M" Maggie made at preschool. We've really loved our little preschool. She has so much fun and they are so darn creative and cute!

Caroline enjoyed her Jenny Jump Up for 2.2 seconds. I happened to snap a pic during that time. It's sat unused in our closet since.

This girl cannot keep her paws off my laptop. But after forking over almost $100 the last time I let a baby play with my computer I quickly brush her hand away. That makes her more than a little mad. Sometimes I try and appease her with Maggie's little laptop.

Playing with make-up. Love the upper lip, baby girl.