Friday, January 31, 2014

January Pt 2

Making....something.  Every once in a great while I let them "make things" which just means make a mess, then throw it all away.   
Caroline has always had a hard time seeing Maggie go to one birthday party after another.  Her turn finally came.  And she LOVED it!  Preschool friend Laila. 
 Rainbow Loom.  I was hoping it would be something they'd get lost in (giving me a break).  Instead it was a time-suck in that they needed help every 30 seconds.
 But it did produce some cute bracelets that Maggie was very proud of:
Then we got sick.  We spent an entire week getting over colds only for a stomach bug to take over: 
 A sweet little letter from Maggie to her mom and dad:

January Pt 1

A little ice skating.  They both did very well!  But they didn't like the sun in their eyes when I stopped them for a picture:
 I took Maggie to my hairstylist and when asked what she wanted she said "bangs" which was a suprise for me.  When we got home Caroline was completely freaked out by the new style.  It took her many weeks to adjust.
 Caroline and Daddy playing a game of Headbanz:
 An after-school stop at the coffee shop for pastries and games:
 Game night:
 Caroline is selling me a couple of books (on the steps behind her).  She's writing up my receipt.