Friday, September 28, 2012

July Part 2

Buckling up after a day at the pool:
Trip to IKEA: 
We found smaller versions of our big stuffed carrot friend: 
Maggie played beauty parlor with Caroline: 
Patrick had a birthday.  He chose donuts over cake: 
Pool time.  This is most definitely the biggest theme for the summer!  We had lessons for the girls, lessons for me, and just plain pool play.  It made for TONS of swimsuit and towel laundry!


July Part 1

Trip to Utah:
Sweet cousin Ruby reading to the girls: 
My brother-in-law Brett was kind enough to drag me along for his workout (well, by that I mean be STARTED off together).  He took off on his bike as I attempted a run.  Wow!  It was a killer workout running UP ski slopes but such a needed break from my same old running routes back home.  And running down was just fun: 
We hit the movies with the Matesens (Disney's Brave): 
Back home.  A night out for dinner leads to finding slugs--and staring at them: 
Shopping trip turned spray ground surprise.  Soaking wet kids with no change of clothes and a good 30 minute drive back home.  Don't they look concerned about it?:

June Part 2

Caroline got her very own "Dorothy" shoes.  She loves them!  She kept saying, "These are MY Dorothy shoes, not Maggies.  Right?":
Playdates with friends (Emmett and Addy Crapo): 
 Trips to Menchies Frozen Yogurt:
Daddy helped the girls make pink and purple pancakes: 
Maggie wrote a sweet little note to her sister: 

I finally got around to downloading Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline.  We listen to it constantly.  Here's Caroline singing her little heart out to "her" song: 
When we get lightening at the pool we get booted.  Caroline was bummed so we just took her home to swim in the tub: 

Summer Starts (June Part 1)

With the school year behind us, both birthdays out of the way, and the pool calling our names, we kick off summer!
The goggles were a big hit...even when nowhere near the water:

Patrick went on a short business trip and the kids were so excited to have him home they decorated our door.  I moved their adorable art to the interior of the door so they could stay up longer: 
We potty trained Caroline.  After potty training Maggie I was in no rush to repeat that disaster again!  I put it off.  And put it off.  And....put it off.  Finally Patrick "suggested" I give it a try.  Two days and it was done.  Hooray for Caroline! She really saved my sanity.

A quick shopping trip with just Maggie.  We stopped to play in the spray ground and eat some Red Mango frozen yogurt: 
We spent a CRAZY amount of time at our local pool.  Morning swim lessons were just the beginning.  We would do hours a day.  I figured they needed the exposure to the water and, maybe by some miracle, they would become fish. 
Trips to the library: 
Patrick decided he wanted to cook his own Father's Day meal.  Little did he know it was going to be like a million degrees outside!!  He told me afterward that although it was tasty he'll not be doing that again.: