Friday, July 27, 2007

Florida Vacation

The family is leaving for New Smyrna Beach in Florida tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I won't have access to a computer so I'll be back the following week with a vacation review!

Here's a picture of where we're staying. And if you wanna check out a 360 view click here.

Already a Shoe Lover

Maggie's latest favorite activity is to dig through my shoes. She doesn't seem to get into Patrick's shoes. Just mine.

Then she takes time to admire herself in the mirror.

She's also learned what a phone is good for...babbling. She holds it up to her ear and has full blown conversations.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Does anyone have days when they're just so floopy they don't get a thing done? I have them regularly so when I had one yesterday I decided to just get out of the house and walk the mall. Here's Maggie pushing a mini grocery cart around the Pottery Barn Kids (poor quality phone pic).

I bought myself a frame for my bedside table. What a boring day!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Happy Birthday for my Lovely Husband

Yesterday was Patrick's birthday. We had done the celebrating on Sunday. He did, however, get to go to our favorite Chinese place with his coworkers to celebrate. I was jealous.
While dad was out eating good food, Maggie missed him. She found one of his golf shirts in the laundry (the one she gave him for his b-day) and wore it around the house. We also played with the camera.

Maggie had a fall last night in the tub and ended up with a cut lip. So sad! It's very minor but of course Patrick and I were totally upset about it. She's totally wild and almost uncontrollable in the tub so I expected it at some point. This morning her lip is swollen but she doesn't seem in pain. It's not a great picture but you can kinda see the swollen lip:

Reusable Grocery Bags

After seeing this post from Design Mom's guest blogger, I immediately bought two (one green, one red). They came a few days ago and I've already used them for a shopping trip and they are GREAT. So cute,very sturdy, and generously sized. The best thing about these bags is that they fold into a little carrying case so they're very portable. A good choice.

Patrick thought I was silly until I informed him that I get a discount at the store for bringing my own bags--now he's cool with it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Park in the Heat

It's been so hot lately that I've neglected my daughter's need to run around and play. I felt guilty yesterday afternoon so at 4pm we headed to the only park I know with bigger trees (shade). It was still way too hot but she had a great time.
She's also learned to tease and taunt me. She would take handfuls of sand, open her mouth, and pretend to put it in her mouth. I'd say, "nooooo....." and she'd put it down. She finally decided to follow through and below is the picture of the mud on her face from eating it.

Random Video Clips

Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Review: Birthday Celebration

Friday we hit the pool. I really want to get a shot of Maggie (and maybe even me) actually in the water having fun but that's hard to get when I usually go with other mommies who have their hands full too.

Saturday night I headed over to a friends home to babysit while she and her husband went on a date. It was nice. I brought a book and my knitting and just hung out. Peaceful.

Although Patrick's birthday is not til Tuesday, we celebrated on Sunday. He has a special meal he likes to prepare himself so all I ever have to do is buy the ingredients--I always feel guilty about this. He makes his BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, and salad. He also has a special cake he likes--angel food cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream.

Friday, July 20, 2007

First Date

A couple of cute photos of Patrick and Maggie. She grabbed the remote control herself, managed to turn the tv on and, if you'll notice in one picture, she was changing the settings in the menu mode for us.

We also had our first date since Maggie arrived. Our fantastic neighbor agreed to babysit and we headed out for some fun. We went to a local restaurant, Martini's Bistro, and had appetizers and then dessert (we'd already eaten mac n cheese with Maggie). It was really nice. We did come home to a Maggie that had refused to go to sleep for her sitter. Good thing our neighbor is so patient and didn't seem to mind a bit.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lunch Bunch

Maggie and I attended the monthly Relief Society Lunch Bunch at a local park. We had never been to this park before but it looked pretty nice--older and therefore big, amazing trees.
Here she is trying on my sunglasses.

She also received a b-day present from my sister that she loves. She carried around the books all day and paged through them again and again. I read them to her and she squealed at the rhymes.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wild Thing

Now that Maggie can walk (she gets better each day) I'm surprised that she's still so interested in her walker-toy thingy. But now it's used recklessly to say the least. She RUNS around the house at full force with this devilish look on her face and shrieks. It's kind of scary!

We also took the jogging stroller into a bike shop yesterday to repair the flat (darn thorns!) and I fell in love with this. Now, I know Maggie just barely learned to walk but is it too early for a bike???

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Little Mess

I'm pretty sure that blocks do NOT belong in the ball popper. Thanks Maggie...

And, check out what she does when left to her own devices for, I swear, one minute!! I chose to snap a ton of pictures rather than take the roll of toilet paper away.

Once she decided THAT was boring she moved onto my canvas Trader Joe's grocery bag and somehow got it over her it's out of the way while she empties my file drawer.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Review: Rhythm on the River

We were supposed to do a 5k race in Longmont on Saturday morning but due to my tail-dragging we missed the deadline to sign up. At least we got to sleep in instead...

We still hit the Rhythm on the River festival for food, music, and play. It was a pretty good time! They had a lot of fun activities for older kids so by next year Maggie will be in heaven. She still enjoyed her sand play and Play Doh (although I'm pretty sure I enjoyed that more than she did).

Saturday night Patrick took Maggie while I headed out with our neighbor to a scrapbooking party-thingy. It was an.....interesting crowd. (Although the snack table was good.) It made me realize how way far behind I am. Time to renew my scrapbooking mojo as Ashby would say.

Sunday morning Maggie was slightly cranky so we spent almost 45 minutes turning our coasters like tops on our coffee table. That entertained her until morning nap.

She was a wild thing at church. Luckily there are like six million babies in our ward so mine is never alone in her mischief. After church Patrick tried the Pioneer Woman recipe for chicken sandwiches. They were super good! I love that my husband cooks (he balances out my laziness in the kitchen).

Here's a video of Maggie walking around.


Since my favorite snack, Veggie Bootie, has been recalled I've decided to try the other options out there and found my new love: Tings.

Tings are addictive and come in a bag that is completely possible to eat in one sitting but yet, not meant to be. Yes, I've eaten an entire bag in one sitting--several times. Don't judge me.

Oh, and the Pirate's Booty with caramel isn't half bad either. There may have been a few bags of this that bit the dust this past weekend.