Friday, June 14, 2013

Maggie Turns SEVEN!

I cannot (CANNOT) get over how old this little lady is!  And she is such a lady:

Maggie decided (or she might have been bribed) to pass on a friends party in favor of a pink guitar. I consider that a huge win.
Her choice in breakfast cereals.  Taking my kids to pick their birthday cereal is always hilarious.  They wander up and down the grocery store isle with completely overwhelmed expressions on their faces.  We don't eat cereal often and what we do eat is definitely not sugared.  I have to explain what exactly is in each one and what that might actually taste like.  It's an adventure.

Maggie's surprise gift were some glow fish....which promptly died.  She seemed to handle it rather well.  We went back to the pet store and I got a lesson in fish tank cycling and chemistry.  The 3 follow-up fish are doing just fine now.

Red Robin was Maggie's choice for dinner out:

Maggie's choice in family activity that weekend: Wild Life Sanctuary a few short minutes from our house to see the "big cats". 
And then Daddy, the sucker that he is, let both girls pick out a toy:
About Maggie:
1.  Sweetest, easiest child ever!  The girl will go along with anything, mostly without complaint.  Even if that is a boring day of errands.  Very obedient and ready to please means most difficult parenting moments are really easy with that sweet thing.  She is more than willing to help out when needed and takes excellent care of her littlest charge--her baby sister.
2.  The most imaginative little girl ever.  All games of make believe and pretend are her forte.  Her biggest source of frustration is when someone doesn't want to pretend exactly what she had in her head.  Since her extreme love of all things "big cats" is limitless we do a lot of pretend lions, pretend leopards, pretend tigers.  But they are usually princess loins, princess leopards, princess tigers.
3.  Maggie is a flirt.  There's always a little boy in her class that she gets silly about.  And shy about.
4.  Not only is Maggie a very sweet girl but she does (just like her mother) have a very sweet tooth.  That girl is all about the sugar.  Treats, baked goods, candy--all her favorite things.  It borders on addiction (just like her mother).  I relate well to this side of her and more often than I care to admit I'll use her as an excuse to make or buy a little treat.
5.  Daydreamer.  Daydreamer.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

June Part 2

Maggie refused to get into the pool one day for swim lessons.  So she sat and complained LOUDLY that it was too hot while we waited for Caroline's class. 
Longmont Art Museum had the most amazing Lego exhibit over the summer.  We visited a couple of times: 

Mid-day movie fun.  Monster University: 
 We went through a root beer float phase:

June Part 1

Performance day.  She was SO nervous!

We always follow up a dance recital with Baskin Robins icecream.

Maggie thought a cat hood would be appropriate:
How my girls have breakfast when they simply cannot tear themselves away from their kindles:
Fathers Day love:
We started swim lessons.  The girls have the same approach to swim lessons--sit and shiver and refuse to do anything.
We needed some wall hangings for our basement play room so I let the girls go to town on some canvases I had hanging round.  They turned out so sweet!
The girls think potty talk is so darn funny.  I found this on my phone one day:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May Part 2

May Part 2

Maggie playing at school with Natalie (or Sylvia--I still can't tell them apart!).
Caroline's dress rehearsal.

Maggie.  Last day of first grade:
Last day of cornerstone is always a bug hunt and potluck at the park.  Caroline was thrilled that she was soon going to be in "second year Cornerstone".  Both of my girls did/will do two years at their preschool, Cornerstone.  We have absolutely loved the experience and think so highly of the lovely ladies who run the school.

Cuddling on the couch with a game:
Maggie's gymnastics show.:
Last dress rehearsal for Caroline:
Just hangin' out in a box:
We attended a graduation party for the daughter of Patrick's friend.  She had karaoke and our girls were transfixed!  Caroline wanted to try it SO badly but was too shy.

Monday, June 10, 2013

May Part 1

A beautiful day on Pearl Street in Boulder.  May is a fabulous month to visit Pearl Street and see all the amazing tulips!

Even with very cold Colorado spring weather the girls are getting ready for many pool days to come.

End of school party:

Caroline had a pen in time out one day.  This was the result. (Sorry--after multiple attempts at getting the pic to post correctly I gave up).
A little shopping in Boulder:

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Caroline Turns 4

Darling, full-of-life Caroline turned four on May 1.
Her big gift was this white plastic horse.  She was completely in love the first time she spotted it at Target and asked for months if she can get it for her birthday. Incidentally, Caroline is terrified of real horses (even tiny ponies!) and won't go anywhere near them. 
Her request for dinner was to eat out at TGI Fridays.  She had a "cup of dirt" (crushed oreos, chocolate pudding, and gummy worms) and a birthday song from the wait staff.  One happy girl! 
We had a small party for her a few days later.  Fairy themed--specifically Winx Club fairies.  Here are the birthday girl and her guests as they decorate their wings and gobble up a Winx Club cake: 

Amara, Ainsley, Caroline, and Marley:

Maggie was able to decorate a set of wings for herself when she got home from school:
And that weekend Caroline got to pick the family activity.  Chuck-E-Cheese time! 
A few tidbits about Caroline:
1.  She is a singing fool!  She sings and dances her way through life.  She is constantly in motion and narrating our entire existence in a sing-song voice.  She was (by far) the loudest and clearest voice coming from the stage when she performed with the entire church primary.  She has an amazing ability to hear a song once or twice and can then sing it word for word.  It's impressive!
2.  She is one cuddly, loving child.  Every day each family member gets a secret whispered in their ear: "I love you" she says.  When she's with you she is really WITH you, constantly holding hands, asking to be carried, cuddled up on your lap or in some way touching you at all times.
3.  Her bestie is still her big sister.  Even though Maggie has gone to playdates and off to school regularly for years now Caroline still freaks out and feels sad she can't be with Maggie always.  This does not stop her from fighting with her though!
4.  Caroline is an early riser.  I lecture her long and often about the joys of sleeping in.  She smiles, nods, and swears this time she will do it!  She doesn't.  The upside to being an early riser is that she gets a few quiet moments with her dad before the rest of us wander down.
5.  This little four year old is pure joy and we all adore her!