Monday, December 2, 2013

Trip to NYC

Finally!  A trip to NYC.  I had been to NYC once before on business which left hardly any time at all to do anything but work.  Bummer.  Patrick surprised me the week before Thanksgiving with a trip...without kids!!  This was the first time we've ever left our kids overnight so I was a bit nervous but two of my sisters were able to fly out and care for them--the ideal babysitters.  I cannot say enough thanks to them for that!!! 
A little walk through Times Square upon arrival:
The reason we did this little trip was that Patrick was going out for work anyway and we just extended through the weekend.  That meant the first day and a half I was on my own.  I was a tad nervous about getting around but the night we arrived Patrick bought me a metro pass, took me on my first subway ride, then downloaded the subway map onto my phone.  I was set.  And amazingly (mostly to me) I was able to get about with no problem.  I was super proud of my small town self!  First stop was the Met.  I actually really enjoyed doing this alone because I had no one to worry about.  I could wander around and stare or just breeze through any section I wanted. 
My favorite painting.  A Matisse.  Love: 
The girls have studied Pollack so I took a pic specifically to text to them.  My phone snapped the pic just a bit before I was actually ready.  Downfall of going to museum alone?  Bad selfies are your only option: 
I spent my lunch on the stairs in front of the Met eating street food and enjoying the fall sun.  Then I headed right into Central Park with no real plan other than to meander down to the bottom...whenever, however. 

We spent some time in the financial district and were surprised to find a line just to get your picture taken with the bull.  We opted for his behind: 
We picked the coldest day to do the Statue of Liberty.  It was amazing and freezing all at once.  I'm hoping our next visit will be during warmer weather so we can loiter and stare a bit more. 
George Washington statue.  The site where he was sworn into his office as president. 
911 Memorial.  Quiet and beautiful.  Again, I wish the weather had been a few degrees warmer so we could have wandered around the grounds longer. 
Top of the Rock.  The plan was to hit Rockefeller Center at sunset for best viewing of the skyline/Empire State building.  We missed it by a few short minutes but it was still really beautiful. 
Patrick told me we would be going to Wicked.  He didn't tell me he bought second row seats!  It was crazy amazing! 
The day after arriving home.  Apparently having babysitters full of fun takes its toll and when boring mommy gets back in town it's time to catch up on the z's.

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Ruby Matesen said...

Oh! I absolutely LOVE all the photos! I I LOVED being a babysitter!!