Sunday, December 1, 2013


November was a pretty quiet month.  I took very few photos.  In fact, I took absolutely zero pictures of our Thanksgiving.  Probably because we just hung out at home, had a quiet dinner, and basically did what people who stay in pajamas ALL DAY would do.  It was great.  The two noteworthy events of November were our trip to NYC and Black Friday decorating.  Both will have their own posts.
The rest of November went something like this.
Morning runs.  Gorgeous:
Random "please take a picture of me" moments. Darling: 
The kids playing random games.  This one had something to do with hiding or trying to freak mom out with a head sticking out from the bed: 
The girls cuddling up.  And sharing: 

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Ruby Matesen said...

I took a screen shot of the cuddling photo. I LOVE it. I am going to send it to Ruby.